Frequently Asked Questions

What is RHA?

RHA, or Residence Hall Association, is a student organization that focuses on improving life for resident students. We work directly with the Office of Residential Life and Housing in order to make sure that all of the resident studentsí needs and concerns are addressed. We put on large scale programs for all Clarkies to attend on and off campus, train and recognize our outstanding student leaders, and participate in national conferences made for RHAs across the country.

So, are you all Resident Advisers (RAs)?

Although the RHA is affiliated with the Office of Residential Life and Housing and some of our members are RAs, the Residence Hall Association is NOT a group of RAs. RHA and RAs have similar goals to create community within each hall. RHA does this through hall council, planning programs within each residence hall and as an executive board, planning programs across campus.

What is a Hall Council (HC)?

Hall Councils represent students living specific residence halls, and are formed at the beginning of each academic year. Hall Councils are student groups that put on fun events in their hall. They promote community, diversity, and awareness through programming and advocacy with an ultimate goal of increasing the quality of life in their hall. Their main focus is hall-specific, but every other week they attend RHA Full House Meetings to share their plans and programs with other halls, and participate in campus-wide activities.

What are the hall colors?

Bullock Hall - Royal Blue
Clark Houses - Jade Dome (Turquoise)
Dana Hall - Orange
Dodd Hall - Lilac
Hughes Hall - Stone Blue
Johnson Hall - Irish Green
Maywood Street Hall - Charcoal
Sanford Hall - Gold
Wright Hall - Red

What is the "woo?"

The "woo" stands for Worcester.