Welcome New Students


Being able to use information technology at Clark is essential. Below is information about the most common uses of technology at Clark. If you have additional questions, please check out the ITS website or contact the ITS Help Desk (508-793-7745).

Clark account and email

All Clark students get a Clark Account, comprised of a username and password, which is what you will need to access most of Clark's electronic resources (including email, ClarkYOU, Moodle, etc.) You will need to activate your account—with the credentials you receive in your account activation letter—before you start using it.

Owning a computer and computer facilities

Clark recommends that students have their own computer to support academic work. While a specific kind of computer is not mandated, whenever possible, we encourage students to own laptop computers, which are easy to bring to the library, study groups, class or even home over break. Because you can bring them with you, they are also easier to support via the ITS Help Desk in the Academic Commons.

ITS understands that shopping for computers can be challenging and expensive. To help, we make recommendations about the hardware that is likely to suit your needs as a student here and be cost-effective. If you are coming to Clark with a particular program of study in mind, you may want to check with your academic department to see if they have a preferred computing platform (i.e. Windows v. Apple). Please note that while support is available for Windows and Apple operating systems via the Help Desk, we do not provide support for the Windows operating system on an Apple computer (BootCamp or other dual-boot scenarios).

What if you don't bring a computer to campus?

While owning a computer is not required to be successful in your academic studies at Clark, access to one definitely is. If you aren't bringing a computer to campus, don't worry, Clark has you covered. Students without their own computers may use the computing labs on campus.

Computer software

Faculty often require students to submit papers in an electronic format and often that format is Microsoft Word. Please note that you do not need to pay for, or separately purchase, a license for Microsoft Office. Office 365 and antivirus software are provided to you as a Clark student—at no extra cost. In addition, Clark offers other software at reduced cost. To get access to this software all you'll need is your Clark account information at the links below.

Computer security

If you bring a computer to campus, be sure to keep a record of its serial number and/or service tag. You should also be sure to bring a security cable—available at most office-supply stores. Also, consider engraving your name and phone number onto any computer equipment you bring to campus.

In addition to physical security, you must also consider the security of your data and personal information. Clark requires that computers connected to the campus network must have up-to-date antivirus (AV) software and security updates for the operating system. You do not have to separately purchase AV software. ITS licenses a current commercial antivirus program for student computers, which is supported on both the Windows and Apple operating systems. See link above for more information.


It is also important for you to bring along any associated documentation, such as warranty information, operating system disks, restore disks, software and corresponding licensing information that came with your computer. Some manufacturers require you to run a back-up utility to create restore or recovery CD/DVDs. We strongly suggest you create these before you leave home and bring them to campus with you.

Printing on campus

Network printing services are available in campus computer labs, Goddard Library, Dana Commons and the University Center, but are not currently available in the residential halls. Print jobs may be submitted from anywhere and picked up at one of the printing stations. Students have a printing allowance allocated each semester and may purchase additional printing credit if they wish to.

Students may also bring personal printers if they wish to, but access to them would be via local USB connections only (i.e. they will not work on the wireless network).

The Clark network - wired and wireless

Clark recently completed a major wireless upgrade project. All residence hall rooms have active network jacks and wireless coverage for students to connect to ClarkNet (the campus network) and the Internet. Ethernet cables are highly recommended for the fastest connection speeds.

Once you arrive on campus, you will be required to register your computer and any other devices (such as smartphones, tablets and game systems) on the network for them to work wired or wirelessly. NOTE: In order for a device to connect to the Clark wireless network, it must support WPA2 Enterprise encryption.

Where is help available if I need it?

Clark offers a free Help Desk service with hours 7 days a week. Support is available by walking up, phoning, email or submitting a Web-request.