Dave’s Short Trig Course

Table of Contents
  1. Who should take this course?

  2. Applications of trigonometry

  3. What is trigonometry?

    angle theta in a circle of radius r

  4. Background on geometry

  5. Angle measurement

  6. Chords

    sin is opp over hyp

  7. Sines

    cos is adj over hyp

  8. Cosines

    tan is opp over adj

  9. Tangents and slope

  10. The trigonometry of right triangles

    graph of sin x

  11. The trigonometric functions and their inverses

  12. Computing trigonometric functions

    law of cosines

  13. The trigonometry of oblique triangles

    law of sines

  14. Demonstrations of the laws of sines and cosines

  15. Area of a triangle

    ptolemy's theorem

  16. Ptolemy’s sum and difference formulas

  17. Summary of trigonometric formulas

  18. Summary of trigonometric identities

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