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1930 - 1939


Hudson Hoagland becomes chair of the biology department and later recruits Gregory Pincus (Clark professor from 1938-1945) to assist in research on contraception.


Clark Alumnae Association is formed, and later merges with the Alumni Association.


Future film and jazz critic Otis Ferguson receives his B.A. from Clark.


Atwood Hall is built, supported by contributions from Clark trustees and Worcester residents.

The Alumni Gymnasium is constructed, supported by $72,000 from Clark alumni. This gym later became the dining hall.


The library tower is built to join the library (currently the Jefferson Academic Center) and Atwood Hall.

Actress and writer Cornelia Otis Skinner becomes the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from Clark.

Paul Siple earns a Ph.D. from Clark. His dissertation titled Adaptation of the Explorer to the Climate of Antarctica advanced the theory of wind chill and created an index to measure it.