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University Park Partnership Scholarship

The University Park Partnership Scholarship offers free tuition to any eligible resident of Worcester who has lived in the University Park neighborhood for at least five years prior to enrolling at Clark. Students must meet Clark's admissions guidelines and complete applications for federal and state scholarship grant programs. After any grants are awarded, Clark will make up the difference up to 100 percent tuition.

Q. Why is Clark awarding scholarships to neighborhood residents?

The University Park Partnership is a collaborative effort among government, private business, neighborhood residents and religious organizations to improve the quality of life in the Main South neighborhood. As part of its commitment to UPP, Clark University has contributed its greatest resource—a world-class education—as an encouragement to residents to pursue advanced learning.

Q. Who is eligible?

Any resident who has lived in the designated target neighborhood for at least five years prior to enrolling in Clark. This can be as a homeowner or a tenant. Applicants must meet the same admissions standards as any other admitted student.

Q. What is considered the target neighborhood?

The neighborhood is roughly bounded by Park Avenue, May and Gardner streets, Beaver and Freeland streets and the Conrail tracks. Please see the designated target neighborhood listing of streets.

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Q. Can I be a part-time student or take School of Professional Studies or graduate-level courses?

You must be a full-time undergraduate student. School of Professional Studies (evening courses), the Graduate School of Management and the graduate school are not included in the program. Full time is defined as three or four courses per semester.

It is expected that after attending the University as a full-time undergraduate day student for eight semesters, students will have completed all the requirements to receive their degree. Therefore, funding through the Neighborhood Scholarship Program is limited to eight semesters. If a student must be enrolled beyond the eight semesters to earn their degree, they will not be funded by the Neighborhood Scholarship Program.

Q. Can I transfer from another college or university?

Definitely, although you must meet Clark's admission requirements. To earn a bachelor's degree at Clark, a student must pursue at least one-half the total number of course units for the degree and at least one half the total number of course units taken for fulfillment of a major in a Clark program. Students may transfer no more than 16 units of course credit. Contact the admissions office for full details.

Q. What if I didn't take college-preparatory courses in high school, or I did poorly in high school, or I've been out of high school for a while and want to enter Clark as a non-traditional student?

The Admissions Office is always willing to talk to candidates about their situation. Clark's normal admissions requirements include solid S.A.T. scores, grades in the B range in college preparatory classes in high school and involvement in extra-curricular activities. Candidates who do not meet these requirements could be asked to show they can successfully navigate the rigors of college-level work by attending another college for one or two semesters before entering Clark.

Q. Is there a minimum grade-point average I must maintain to keep my scholarship?

You must remain a student in good standing at Clark. All students are required to maintain at least a 2.0 grade-point average or risk being placed on academic probation.

Q. Does the scholarship automatically renew for all four years?

Yes, as long as you remain a student in good standing and, before each academic year, you provide required documentation that you continue to be a resident of the designated target neighborhood and apply for financial aid.

Q. What costs are not included in the scholarship?

The scholarship covers tuition only. Room and board, students fees, health insurance, books and spending money are all the responsibility of the student.

Q. How can I learn more about the University Park Partnership?

Contact Lisa Gillingham (508) 793-7614 or Jack Foley, executive assistant to the president, at (508) 793-7444.