Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Protein electrophoresis gel


Read about the research of some of our faculty:

David HibbettDavid Hibbett is participating in the Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life (AFTOL) project, funded by the National Science Foundation. This collaborative effort involving seven universities uses DNA sequence information to reconstruct the evolutionary history of the Kingdom Fungi, which includes important pathogens of AIDS patients, as well as many beneficial species. Visit Dr. Hibbett's lab pages.

Shuanghong HoShuanghong Huo's research focuses on computer simulation of molecular interactions in complex systems, particularly protein-protein interactions and protein-small molecule interactions, and computer-aided structure-based drug design. Visit Dr. Huo's lab pages.

Denis LarochelleDenis Larochelle studies cytokinesis, the process by which a cell constricts at the equator to ultimately divide into two daughter cells. It is a process which remains poorly understood, and the primary focus of his lab has been to identify the proteins/genes involved in both the mechanics and the regulation of this process. Visit Dr. Larochelle's lab pages.

Deborah RobertsonDeborah Robertson investigates the physiological ecology and the evolution of nitrogen metabolism in marine diatoms and other ecologically important groups of marine algae. In many marine environments, nitrogen availability is an important factor regulating primary productivity. By characterizing the enzymes and regulatory pathways involved in nitrogen metabolism, this work should contribute to our understanding of the coupling between nitrogen metabolism and productivity. Visit Dr. Robertson's lab pages.

Research Overview

By Area Faculty
Cell Biology Larochelle; Thackeray
Development Thackeray; LarochelleMeyer
Enzymology Greenaway; Tang
Environmental Microbiology Wiatrowski; Tang
Genetics Thackeray
Microbiology Wiatrowski; Robertson; Tang
Molecular Biology Thackeray; Larochelle; Robertson
Molecular Evolution/Systematics Hibbett; Robertson; Thackeray
Molecular Modeling Huo; Lazo
Protein Chemistry Lazo; Greenaway; Tang
Neuroscience Thackeray; Meyer
Physiology Robertson
Signal Transduction Larochelle; Thackeray