Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Undergraduate Research

Honors Theses


Jenni Adams - "Understanding the function of KIFAP3 and its possible role in ALS"

Jennifer Gaines - "Study of the Self-Assembly of the Amyloid-B42 Protein in the presence of Rifamycin SV"

Abhijit Srungavarapu - "Gene Delivery VIA Funtionalized Poly(Ethylene Imine)-DNA Poly- Plexes"


Priyanka Kapur"RBP Mediated Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Nitrate Reductase in Thalassiosira pseudonana"

Jason Lui"Characterization of D. discoideum Rad4"


Jasmin Abraham"Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of Octopamine Biosynthesis"

Di Deng - "The Role of Stomatin in GluT1 Function and Regulation"

Tara Deveraj - "Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors SAHA and MS-275 Differentially Induce Survival Motor Neuron 2 Gene Expression"


Timothy Hanley - "Drug Resistance in a Haploid Vertebrate Cell Line"

Dushani Palliyaguru"Insulin Receptor Substrate 2 (IRS-2) Regulates Apelin Gene Expression in Mammary Tumor Cell Lines"


Shymal Asher"Is N Terminal Dimerization of HSP90 Necessary for Function?"

Saima Chaudhry"Elucidation of the Folding and Aggregation of the Amyloid ?-Protein by Diglycine Scanning Mutagenesis"

Daniel Hidalgo"Characterization of a new PLC-gamma Mutation in Drosophila melanogaster"

Lincoln Muhoro"Structural Basis of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB): Insights from Biophysical Studies of Keratin Intermediate Filament (KIF) Peptides"


Academic Spree Day Presentations


Lena Cedrone '15 - The Correlatin Between Tabacco Usage and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression )in collaboration with Dr. Broudreaux, Umass Medical Center; sponsor: Dr. David Thurlow)

Elizabeth Severson '15 - Covalent Modification of Arginine Residues in Lysyl Oxidase and Cytochrome C. (sponsor: Professor Fred Greenaway)

Rhady Sorm '15 - Inhibition of the a-Helix to β-Sheet Conversion in the Amyloid-β Protein by th Use of Small Molecules (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Johanna Reyes '14 & Michael Edwards '14
- Piperine Inhibits the Self-Assembly of the Artic Amyloid-β Protein (sponsor: Noel Lazo)

Alexandra Niclou '15 - Cloning of Glutathione Reductase Genes from Xanthabacter Autotrophicus PY2 (in collaboration with Yingjao Wang, graduate student; sponsor: Heather Wiatrowski)



Blerina Cipi '13 - Carbohydrate metabolism of Rhodobacter Capsulatus and Rhodobacter Sphaeroides Anarobically and Aerbically (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Brooke Yasgur '14 & George Carlson '14 - Synthesis of an Anti-MRSA compound (sponsor: Professor Charles Jakobsche)



Jenni Adams '12 - Cloning and Cellular Characterization of KIFAP3 Splice Isoforms (in collaboration with Matt Stigliano, graduate student, UMASS Medical School; Sponsors Professor David Thurlow, Clark University & Professor John Landers UMASS Medical School)

Jennifer Gaines '12 - NMR Studies of Amyloid Beta Protein Aggregation in the Presence of Rifamycin SV (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Abhijit Srungavarapu '12 - New gene delivering polymers based on PEI copolymers modified via "click chemistry" (in collaboration with Robert P. Doyle, graduate student; sponsor: Professor David Thurlow)


Jenni Adams '12 – "ALS and the Search for a KIFAP3 Interaction Protein (sponsor:  Professor John Landers [UMass Medical School] and Professor David Thurlow)

Kristen Murrone '11 – "Sentinel Events Model:  Phase 3 Study at UMass Medical School" (sponsor:  Professor David Thurlow)

Abhijit Srungavarapu '12 – "G-Priming Activity of the Primase T7 Chimera" (sponsor:  Professor David Thurlow, and in collaboration with Jamie Towle, graduate student)

Dan Moynihan '11 – "Biophysical Studies of the Effects of the Italian Mutation on the Self-Assembly of the Amyloid-β Protein" (sponsor:  Professor Noel Lazo)

Jason Lui '11 – "Knockout of Rad4 DNA Repair Gene in Dictyostelium discoideum" (sponsor:  Professor Denis Larochelle)


Kyle Denton '11 –   "Development of a Genetic System for Denitrovibrio acetiphilus (sponsor:  Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

Serena Pham '11 –   "Biogenic Amines-Gated Chloride Channels' Roles in C. elegans Behaviors (sponsor:  Professor Noel Lazo)

Corri Stewart '10 –   "A Comparison of Mercury and Chromate Responses in Shewanella Pmeodemsos (MR-1) (sponsor:  Professor Heather Wiatrowski)


Lisa Crislip '09 – "Chimeric primase-helicases in mitochondrial DNA replication" (in collaboration with Jamie Towle, graduate student; sponsor:  Professor Donald Crampton)

Mary Abdalla '09 and Yennhi Nguyen '09 – "Discovery of Bacteriophage specific for Streptococcus mutans" (sponsor:  Professor Donald Crampton)

Chatura Jayakody '10 – "Insight into protein purification" (sponsor:  Professor David Thurlow)

Molly Brennan '09 "Effects of neonatal tactile stimulation on social behavior" (sponsors:  Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Dr. Jun Xu, Tufts Veterinary School of Medicine)


Laura Andersh '08 – "Characterizing the structure/function of Glut1 using Factor Xa Proteolysis" (in collaboration with Julie De Zutter, graduate student; sponsors:  Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Anthony Carruthers, UMass Medical School)

Laura Andersh '08 – "Cloning, expression, and purification of LMA glycoprotein" (sponsor:  Professor David Thurlow)

Annette Nelkenbaum '09 – "Metastasis in liver cancer" (sponsors:  Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Brian Lewis, UMass Medical School)

Dushani Palliyaguru '09 – "Role of insulin receptor protein-2 (IRS-2) in regulation of apelin in breast cancer metastasis"  (sponsors:  Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Leslie Shaw, UMass Medical School)

Shymal Asher '08 – "Is N-terminal dimerization of Hsp90 necessary for its function?" (sponsors: Profesor Daivd Thurlow, Clark U. and Dan Bolon, UMass Medical School)

Lincoln Muhoro '08 – "Oligosaccharide assay precision on mAb1 and evaluation of CEM microwave technology" (sponsors: Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and David Ouellette, Abbott Bioresearch Center)


Fall Fest Presentations


Michele Corbet '14 - Early BMP signaling is necessary for Proper Development of the Brain, Eye and Foregut in the Annelid Capitella Teleta (sponsor: Neva Meyer)

Clive Green '14 - Physiology of the Marine Bacterium Roseobacter Denitrificans under Carbon and Nitrogen Strvation (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Gregory O'Sullivan '14 - Elucidation of the Mechanism for the Inhibition of Amyloid Formation by Rosmarinic Acid (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Yadan Khin '15 - Effects of Different Light Intensities on Chlorobaculum Tepidum (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Lina Kroehling '14 - Understanding the Role of IAPP;s disulfide Between Cys2 and Cys7 in the Formation of Alph-Helical Intermdeiates (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Travis Stutzer '14 - Determining the Structure of Oligomers Formed From Pyroglutamate Amyloid Beta (3-42) Peptide and Wildtype A&3946; (1-42)


Agnes Cheong '13 -Valeria Maldonado '13 - Expression and Inhibition of Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) (sponsor: Professor Fred Greenaway)

Sean Droogan '13 - Growth of C. tepidum Under Nitrogen Fixing Conditions (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Emily Tutino '13- Inhibition of Insulin Fibrillation: Mechanistic Studies (sponosor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Farrokh Zare '14 - Effects of Metabolisms on Chlorosome Efficiency (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)


Tantenda Kadungure '12 - Selective Point Mutations of a Chimeric Protein, Consisting of Arabidopsis Mitochondrial Helicase and Gene 4 Product of Bacteriophage T7, to Investigate it Unusual Enzymatic Behavior (in collaboratin with: Jamie Towle-Weicksel, graduate student; sponsor: Professor David Thurlow)

Jenni Adams '12 - The effect of Reduced KIFAP3 Expression on Transgenic SOD Mice: and ALS Mouse Model (in collaboration with Matt Stigliano, graduate studentl sponsors: Proessor John Landers and Professor David Turlow)

Briann Anthony '12 - Inhibition of the Self-Assembly of the Arctic Form of the Amyloid β-Protein Associated with Early-Onset Alzheimer's Desease (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Sarah Schneider '12 - SPATA 2 Mediation of CYLD DUB Activity in Programmed Necrosis (in collaboration with david Moquin, graduate student; sponsors: Professor David Thurlow (Clark) and Professor Francis Chan (Umass)

Jennifer Gains '12 - Inhibition of Amyloid Formation by Rifamycin SV: Preliminary Studies: (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Valeria Maldonado '13 - Lysyl Oxidase Expression in Mammalian Cells (sponsor: Professor Fred Greenaway)

Lindsay Johnson '12 - Preliminary study of Lnsulin Secodary Structure of Membranes (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)



Hakeem Hindi '11 - Elucidation of Amyloid-beta Protein Folding and Self-assembly by Studies of Double Mutants. (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Jon Imeraj '11 and Maria Luisa Sandoval '11 - Expression of Lysyl Oxidase in E. coli. (sponsor: Professor Frederick Greenaway)

Craig Jeskey '11 - Cloning Single-Stranded DNA Protein For in vitro Replisome Reconstruction. (in collaboration with: Jamie Towle, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Donald Crampton)

Priyanka Kapur '11 - Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation of Marine Diatoms. (sponsor: Professor Deborah Robertson)

Sang A. Kim '11 - Inhibition of Amyloid-beta aggregation with small molecules: mechanistic studies. (in collaboration with: Kevin Robbins, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Abhijit Srungavarapu '12 - Ion transport through polymer matrices: towards more efficient rechargeable lithium batteries. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)


Kyle Denton '10 – "Identification of an Unknown Anaerobic Bacteria" (sponsor:  Professor Heather Wiatrowski

Corri Stewart '10 – "Growth Trends in Shewanella Oneidensis in Potassium Chromate and Mercuric Chloride (sponsor:  Professor Heather Wiatrowski)


Dmitry Merzon '09 – "Antibodies as tools to study Fanconi Anemia" (sponsors:  Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Alan D’Andrea, Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

Chatura Jayakody '10 – "Purification of protein of interest" (sponsors: Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Scott Gridley, BlueSky Biotech)

Annette Nelkenbaum '09 – "The effects of tumor suppressor gene p16INK4a on transformation phenotypes in HCC" (sponsors:  Professor David Thurlow, Clark U. and Brian Lewis, UMass)