Byssal thread – protein ropes secreted from mussel that attach to substrate


Desiccation – the process of drying out thoroughly


Filter feeder – an animal that feeds by passing water through its abdomen, taking up necessary nutrients, and excreting the excess water


Gastropod – the class of mollusks that includes snails and slugs


Intertidal – the area between the high tide mark and the low tide mark


Mantle cavity – the space between the mussel’s body mass and its shell


Planktonic – floating at or near the surface of the water


Plantigrade - a recently settled larva or juvenile


Pelagic – living in the open ocean (rather than adjacent to land)


Quadrat – a device used in ecological studies; a plot of land or area of known dimensions to study the distribution of plants or animals in an area


Sedentary -  remaining or living in one area, not moving freely


Sessile – Permanently attached to a surface


Transect – a line on which measurements or data are to be collected




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