Ecology of Atlantic Shores








Introduction to Organisms in the Rocky Intertidal*

The following is a list of some of the main species seen at Nahant:




                                          Carcinus maenas - Green Crab                                                                            

    Cancer borealis - Jonah Crab                        Hemigrapsus sanguineaus - Asian Shore Crab               






4 common algae seen

Ascophyllum nodosum -

Knotted Wrack

Fucus vesiculosis- Rockweed Chondrus crispus - Irish Moss Ulva lactuca - Sea Lettuce


Cladophora/Spongomorpha complex

















   Pagurus species - Hermit crab   Acmaea testudinalis - Tortoise shell limpet Asterias species - Northern sea star






Mytilus edulis - Blue mussel

Pholis gunnellus -

Rock gunnel

Semibalanus balanoides -

Northern rock barnacle





***I purposely omitted snails from this list, as I will be going more into detail with their life history in relation to my individual project. That can be reached here.