Date Title and Description
January 25, 2006

FYS Lunch

During this lunch, faculty who taught First Year Seminars in the fall had a chance to discuss their experiences. Some themes include the challenges and advantages of working with first year students, and successes encountered while engaging first year students in college work in specific disciplines. Faculty was also be asked to brainstorm ways in which Clark can improve the academic transition from high school to college.  First Year Seminar faculty were encouraged to bring a colleague who may be considering teaching a first year seminar in the future.

March 29, 2006

Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Clark's "Learn through Inquiry" signature states, in part, that "Each student has an opportunity to participate in a culminating experience in the context of senior seminars, research, or other capstone experiences." As a follow-up to our most recent CETL lunch on Research Methods Courses (which turned into a broader discussion of institutional structures to support undergraduate research), we now turn our attention to faculty mentoring of undergraduate research. Arshad Kudrolli (Physics), Patrick Derr (Philosophy), and Colin Polsky (Geography) will kick things off with a brief discussion of how they each organize the undergraduate research process, including finding projects for students within their research areas, recruiting students, setting expectations, mentoring on a day to day basis, and helping students present and publish their work. There will be plenty of time for discussion--bring your good ideas to share!

August 29,30,31, 2006

Peer Learning Assistants Training and Orientation

These orientation sessions are designed to introduce Peer Learning Assistants to their positions before the semester starts, and provide useful strategies to effectively help students.

November 9, 2006

How Engaged are our Students? Reflecting on Results from The National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (http://nsse.iub.edu/index.cfm) provides comparative data on how engaged our students are in activities that are known from research to promote learning. Clark first year students and seniors complete the NSSE survey every other year, and the results provide (sometimes surprising) food for thought. At this lunch session, we will consider selected NSSE results, with a focus on those that address active learning and learning through inquiry, and consider where we might go from here.