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Graduate Student Life

The student body in the Ph.D. program numbers about 45 students. It is a diverse group, yet a close-knit community. It includes residents of Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Cyprus, Turkey, Colombia, Honduras, the United States, Senegal, and Ghana. It also includes several "non-traditional" students who have resumed study for a Ph.D. after several years in careers inside and outside of academia.

Students find Worcester a relatively inexpensive place to live with ready access by bus or rail to the New York, Boston, and Providence metropolitan areas. Worcester itself is home to New England's second largest art museum, a lively arts scene, and a range of ethnic cuisines including Vietnamese, Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Polish, traditional American barbecue, Cajun from Louisiana, and more. Mechanics Hall, a restored concert hall of the 1850s, features a wide range of music and other arts programming. Worcester supports as well a lively contemporary music scene with a host of venues for live music.

Clark University is home to eight Ph.D. programs and seven Masters programs. The Graduate Student Council provides representation of the 400 graduate students on Clark university-wide committees. It also sponsors social events and runs the Graduate House.

About the area

Located equidistant from Providence and the Boston area, Worcester is close enough to allow members of the Department community to take advantage of research resources available there. In addition, the proximity of Clark to these two cities permits the Department to draw on speakers from the area for its seminar series. The workshop also provides graduate students opportunities to present research.