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Faculty Research

Read about the research of some of our faculty:

  • Dr. Wayne Gray is investigating the key issue of how much government regulation influences productivity. His study of the impact of Environmental Protection Agency regulations on the productivity of the United States paper industry is based on a comprehensive data set he developed of firm-level data. His research has been published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, the Journal of Industrial Economics and in his 2003 monograph The Economic Costs and Consequences of Environmental Regulation.
  • Dr. Jacqueline Geoghegan is grappling with the economic forces behind land use change, whether urban sprawl in the Chesapeake basin or deforestation in the Yucatan. She is a leader in the application of spatially-specific data (GIS) from satellite imagery and other sources to understanding these issues. Her research has been published in venues such as Agricultural Economics, the International Regional Science Review and Land Use Policy as well as research monographs.
  • Drs. Daniel Bernhofen and John Brown are using an innovative application of counterfactual analysis and high-quality historical data to examine key propositions of international trade theory in the context of Japan's opening up to international trade from autarky in the mid-19th century. This research has been published in the Journal of Political Economy and the American Economic Review.