Stock Market

Senior Honors Theses

Class of 2018

Syed Absar AliPakistan's [lake of] Economic Growth:  An Analysis of Industrialization and International Trade (adviser John Brown)

Tehreem Cheema:  Measuring the Gender Wage Gap in Pakistan's Education Sector (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Brenna Foley:  Economics and the Olympics (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Michael Gaiewski:  Does the United States want a Strong Dollar or a Weak Dollar? (adviser David Cuberes)

Andres Gvirtz:  Fighting Bias with Bias - Utilizing Prospect Theory to Created Dialectic Wisdom of Crowds Phenomena within Individuals (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Anthony Jreije:  Measuring the Economic Benefits of Commuter Rail Service (adviser John Brown)

Kenza Naitlho:  Will the Integration of Morocco to the African Union have a Positive or Nagative Impact on its Economy? (adviser David Cuberes)

Ashleigh Nongogo:  Financial Development and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (adviser Edouard Wemy)

Crystal Tang:  Does Money Buy Happiness:  An Analysis of Income's Impact on Happiness in the United States from 1974-2016 (adviser Magda Tsaneva)

Arslan Tarar:  Hammering the Sickle:  Commodity Price Level Shocks to GDP Growth (adviser Wayne Gray)

Ameia Turner:  The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors on Water Quality throughout the United States (adviser Dana Bauer)

Nikolas Wagner:  Institutions of Integration:  The Role of Educational Systems in Integrating Foreigh Born Youth (adviser John Brown)


Class of 2017

Mickayla Aboujaoude:  Exploring the Determinants of Performing Arts Attendance in the United States (adviser Jacqueline Geoghegan)

Oyut Amarjargal:  Spatial-Econometric Relationship between Urbanization and Economic Development in Mongolia (adviser Wayne Gray)

Savannah Donohue: The Effect of Land Grant Universities on Agglomeration Levels (adviser Wayne Gray)

Ethan Giles:  Welcome to the Big Leagues:  What do NBA Teams Look for in NBA Prospects? (adviser Sang Hoo Bae)

Turku Hasturk:  The Impact of Education on Women's Bargaining Power in Turkey (adviser Magda Tsaneva)

Mariami Iashagashvili:  Impact of Skills on Employment and Wages (adviser Magda Tsaneva)

Trang Nguyen:  Education and Job Mismatch in Vietnam's Labor Market (adviser Magda Tsaneva)

Chinedum Nwaogwugwu:  The Impact of Swings in Oil Prices on Economic Growth for Oil-Exporting Countries (adviser David Cuberes)

Matthew Sullivan:  Party Lines to Investor Dimes:  Presidential Elections and Stock Markert Reactions (adviser Junfu Zhang)


Class of 2016

Thomas Anania:  Votes Going to Waste:  The Relationship between Political Participation and Waste Production

Doga Bilgin:  Tightening the Belt:  The Impacts of Fiscal Policy

Savannah Cooley:  The Roles of Land Use and Centrality in Urban Land Productivity: An Empirical Study in Lafayette, Louisiana

Rahul Dutt:  Does Oil Drive the Bull and Bear?  An Industry-Level Analysis across Oil Importers and Exporters

Xinru Jin:  The Economic Impact of Special Economic Zones in China

Ye Jung Kim:  Salary Discrimination in the National Hockey League

Justin Lewis:  Falling Apples:  A Gravity Analysis of Export Prices in the Presence of Processing Trade

Maria Manning:  Where Should I Plant My Potato?  A Foodshed Analysis Model in Massachusetts

Justin Rydziel:  To Three or Not to Three:  The Value of the Three-Point Shot in the NBA

Sanika Shah:  Lifting the curtain on Myanmar's Foreign Investments


Class of 2015

Samantha Arsenault:  The Prevalence and Intensity of Tobacco Consumption among Youth:  Worcester, MA (adviser John Brown)

Joseph Biasi:  The Positive Impacts of Housing Reinvestment in Worcester (adviser John Brown)

Rebecca Chapman:  Trade and the Environment:  a Study Across China (adviser Chang Hong)

Mickael Chertov:  Wages in the U.S. Finance Industry (1970-2010) (adviser Wayne Gray)

Benjamin Fine:  A Rising Tide Lifts All Yachts (adviser Wayne Gray)

Shalmali Ghate:  Direct Access to Microfinance:  What Makes You a Winner? (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Alberto Guerrero:  Reverse Energy Auctions and Electricity Prices in Pennsylvania (adviser Junfu Zhang)

Miga Lee:  Wage Differences Between College Majors Over Time (adviser Wayne Gray)

Trang Luong:  Wage Determination in Major League Soccer (adviser Wayne Gray)

Yun Mi:  How Property Management Fees Affect Residential Housing Prices - A Case Study of Chengdu, China (adviser Junfu Zhang)

Sarah Philbrick:  Urban Structure and Commuting Patterns in the Age of the Streetcar:  Worcester in 1918 (adviser John Brown)

Sheila Qamirani:  Determinants of Demand Deposits in Europe (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Yifan Qu:  Sectorial Structure and Urban Economic Growth in China (adviser Junfu Zhang)

Akriti Sharma:  Does Financial Independence Affect Gender Parity:  A Case Study of Nepal (adviser Junfu Zhang)

Okkar Zaw:  The Impact of Trade and FDI on Productivity Growth (adviser Chang Hong)

Annie Zhang:  Economics Determinants of Child Maltreatment in the United States (adviser Roxane Anderton)


Class of 2014

Yonathan Bassal:  Sports Stadium Subsidies:  An Empirical Investigation of the Green Bay Packers (adviser John Brown)

Ashna S. Choudhury:  The Overall Impact of the European Union on Its members:  An Empirical Study of Why the Greek Economy Failed (adviser Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Hoang Duong Trong:  A Predictive Model for Financial Tick Data (adviser Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Robert J. Gammell:   Effectiveness of Inflation Rate Targeting on Macroeconomic Growth in Developed and Developing Economies (adviser Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Leah J. Guliasi:   Impact of Education on Inequality in Mexico (adviser John Brown)

Joshua M. Kent:   Valuing Improvements of Water-Based Recreation (adviser Robert Johnston)

Wanmiao Li:  Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in China:  A Provincial-Level Analysis (adviser Roxane Anderton)

Ian Love:   Role of Manufacturing Concentration in Economic Recovery:  A Survival Model Analysis (adviser John Brown)

Mary Ivy Mbayah:   Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment on Africa's Economic Growth (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Andrew J. Musler:   Alternative Models of Stock Prices (adviser Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Saul A. Ramirez:   Insurers' Ability to Assess Catastrophic Risk (adviser Wayne Gray)

Oliver Samples:   Shall We Spend?  A Cross-Country Analysis on the Impact of Government Debt on Economic Growth (adviser Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Luke Scanlan:   Mega-Events:  Investment Opportunities or Precursors to Downturns? (adviser John Brown)

Qianhan Sheng:   The Impact of Unemployment Benefits on Duration of Unemployment (adviser Wayne Gray)

Kent V. Vorland:   Behind the Scenes of Monetary Policy: (adviser Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Rian L. Watt:   Meaningful at the Margins:  Regional Economic Performance and Pro-Independence Voting (adviser Wayne Gray)

Jingjing Yang:   Code-Sharing in the Domestic Airline Industry (adviser Sang Hoo Bae)


Class of 2013

Iryna Ambroz:  German Economic Success and Trade: A Test of Hypotheses using the Gravity Model (adviser John Brown)

Ngoc (Minnie) Bui:  Consumers' Preference for Sustainable Certified Products: Eco-labels on Seafood Products (adviser Robert Johnston)

Carlos Cardenas:  NAFTA and its Impact on Mexican Farmers (adviser John Brown)

Benjamin Colb: Impacts of the Minimum Wage on Unemployment (adviser Junfu Zhang)

Deviyani Dixit: Evaluating Motivators of Non-Use Values on Willingness To Pay for Improvement in Aquatic Biota (advisers John Brown and Chih Ming Tan)

Maryam Esmaeili:  The Impact of Cross-Border Remittances on Economic Growth in El Salvador (adviser John Brown)

Christina Geller: Eating with the Seasons: An Analysis of Organic, Local and Conventional Food Availability Over Time in Southwest Montana (adviser Jacqueline Geoghegan)

Volha Hrytskevich:  Residential Housing Prices in Belarus (advisers Chih Ming Tan and John Brown)

Paul McNulty:  The Value of Safety: Estimating the Effects of Crime on Home Sales in Worcester (adviser John Brown)

Abdou Seck:  Voter Behavior in Senegal: The Case of the 2007 Presidential Elections (adviser Marc Rockmore)

Anshu Singh:  Convergence Among Indian States (adviser Chih Ming Tan)

Therese Smith:  Housing Prices and Open Space: The Case of Worcester, MA (adviser Jacqueline Geoghegan)