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Web Resources for Research in Economics

The Basics

  • Resources for economists on the Internet Most searches begin with a look at the vast number of links offered by the web site hosted by the American Economic Association, Resources for Economists on the Internet. Resources includes official sites, sites of major research organizations, and a vast number of references to economics data that may be publicly available.
  • The Economics Departments, Institutes, and Research Organizations provides a comprehensive listing of all Economics Departments and Research Sites.
  • Any serious research in economics must also look at EconLit, the bibliographic reference for all economists. It is available on-line at the Goddard Library.

Economics Data

There is indeed a wealth of economics data on the internet, but finding it can be quite a challenge. One place to start is the Resources for Economists on the Internet data page with a large number of links. In general terms, these have proven to be useful:

  • The American Statistical Association maintains a very useful gateway to economics data (both macro and micro), US and international. Each entry includes general information on the source and the link. There is also a search engine for the site. This is an excellent place to start, since each source also as a rating as to quality.
  • The University of California-San Diego has another excellent site, with a search engine that covers country-level and individual-level data. Detailed descriptions of each data source are also provided.
  • U.S. Macro Data
  • The World Factbook provides General data on the economies of countries world wide by the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • The World Development Indicators of the World Bank provides macroeoconomic data and various indicators of national development. You can also use the Query section to create your own data sets in Excel format.
  • The IMF country reports provide comprehensive data on the financial condition of member countries.
  • The World Trade Organization provides basic information on international trade.

For sites that provide more detail on a national basis, conducting a search is much more challenging. The various international statistical offices might be considered a starting point and they should be investigated. Many times they are unwilling to part with substantially detailed data, but it is worthwhile to look at them first.

  • This link provides links to all national statistical offices with a web presence.
  • Eurostat of the European Union, but not so much is available for downloading (you can always consult the European Economy found in the Goddard Library). It is best to go the free download part of the web site.
  • The University of Maryland maintains a useful data bank of many variables for the US economy in a format ready to download.

Major New York Financial Institutions

Links to Federal Reserve Banks

These links are particularly useful for the research produced by the staffs of the individual banks. You can head for the Research Papers or Special Studies of these Sites. An interactive introduction to how the Federal Reserve System works is available at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.

Links to Central Banks of Countries Outside of the United States

Links to other Important International Financial and Trade Organizations