Environmental Science

Environmental Science & Policy Alumni

Carissa Williams (ES&P BA'03/MA'04) is a consultant with Clean Water Action, a non-profit environmental group in Boston, which has a joint grant with the Regional Environmental Council from Mass Technology Collaborative to promote renewable energy in Worcester. She is educating residents, businesses and the local government about the benefits of clean energy and its availability, particularly working with MassElectric to promote their GreenUp program, through which customers can sign up to purchase clean electricity.

Ethan W. Moore (ES&P/BA/MA '03) is the External Affairs and Partner Relations Lead for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) health information technology (HIT) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs. Developing unique alliances between federal and state government and private interests, he liaises directly with health care and HIT industry leaders, collaborating to inform, identify and overcome barriers to the effective standardization, adoption and use of health information technologies.

Emily Shusas (ES&P/BA/MA '03) is a research scientist with the Bureau of Communicable Disease Control of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). She analyzes existing data systems for human and mosquito West Nile Virus surveillance to create a real-time data sharing network that can be used by multiple agencies to monitor and quickly assess disease outbreaks and clusters.

Anthony Rogers-Wright (ES&P/BA'99/MA'02) is an environmental analyst with the multinational EDAW, Inc., based in San Diego, CA. His duties include planning analysis and pollution prevention techniques focused on water, soil, and air pollution. He assists with EDAW's public participation process as well as with design strategies for construction of structures in environmentally sensitive areas.

Jared Markham (ES&P/MA ‘01) is the project leader at Weston Solutions, Inc. His projects include design of energy efficient buildings, research design, marketing and installation of green roofs, operation of groundwater treatment plant and soil and water analysis.

Thomas Christopher (ES&P/MA ’01) works for American Whitewater in Washington, D.C., where he negotiates settlements on licenses for hydropower dams in New England. He is also involved with issues of public access and resource protection of rivers.

Kevin Moran (ES&P BA ’01) is founder of Moran’s Environmental Service, which conducts environmental health and efficiency auditing and planning for public buildings and private residences.

Holly Christensen (ES&P/BA/MA ’00) is a research assistant at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Leah Markarian (ES&P/MA ’99) works for Corporate Environmental Advisors, Inc., as an Environmental Scientist II and conducts emergency response and risk assessments as well as soil, ground water, air, surface water, and sediment sampling.

Aileen Giovanello (ES&P/MA ’99) is an environmental scientist for Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation in Boston, MA.

Iain Watt (ES&P/MA ’98) is a corporate accountability specialist with CERES (the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies).

Robert Beaudoin (ETS/MA ’97) is a project manager in the Integrated Solid Waste Management Division of EFI.

Jean-Nicholas Braun (ES&P/MA ’96) is an environmental strategist at the Swiss Bank in Luxembourg.

Alex Indorf (ETS/BA/MA ’94) is a project manager with Hart Partners in Washington, DC. He performs environmental health and safety audits of industrial facilities for U.S. multinationals, particularly in Latin America.

Alison Draper (ES&P/BA ’92) is the Clare Boothe Luce Professor of Environmental Chemistry at Bucknell University. She received her PhD in toxicology at the University of Kansas in 1996.

Denise (Lajoie) Child (ETS/BA/MA ’92) is Site Management/Permits Branch Chief in the Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Daniel Kallin (ES&P/BA ’92) is an Environmental Engineer II at Bose Corporation. His duties include chemical approvals, hazardous materials management, import/export requirements, and policy development.

Matthew Most (ES&P/BA ’92) is National Trading Manager with AirBank, Innovative Compliance Solutions, LLC.

Nicholas Child (ETS/MA ’91) is the Emergency Response Branch Chief, Central Region, for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. His job involves responding to sudden releases of oil and hazardous material; coordinating with local, state, and federal emergency responders; and assessing environmental impacts.