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Department Showcase: Using Media to Reflect, Create and Communicate

Student Research

Above: Professor Maria Acosta-Cruz with student Alison Russo

Poster for Fall Fest Student Scholar activity

Funded by: President's Scholar Award
Title: "Creating a Subject-Specific Index"
Student: Alison Russo
Faculty sponsor: María Acosta Cruz

Faculty Presentations

Reflection and Creation: Digital Movies in Spanish 117: Fieldwork in the Hispanic Community

Prof. Constance M. Montross comments: One challenge has been to provide a final cumulative project that allows them to analyze and integrate the many strands of their semester-long learning into a creative project that they share with me and their classmates.

Fast, Fun and Maybe Even Pedagogically Valuable: Blogs in the Classroom

Prof. Robert Tobin comments: The goal was to break down the boundaries of the classroom, to make sure that the classroom discussions continue outside the classroom, to make sure that students make connections between what we talk about in class and the real world…I've always envisioned that digital thinking could be, in fact, an enrichment, an enhancement, and that it is different.

Visit Bob's blogs:

Spanish 131, Readings in Hispanic Literature: The Use of Skype in the Teaching of Poetry

Prof. Belén Atienza comments: "The poet is at the same time human and superhuman. One of her students marvels: 'Having the chance to talk with the poet is like speaking with the magician about his tricks'."

Student Media Projects from The National Imagination

Prof. Alice Valentine comments: "Our goal in The National Imagination is to see how cultural production creates and reinforces a nation's sense of unity about itself."

Post-Nostalgia Written on the Body of Sara Montiel

Prof. Marvin D'Lugo comments: The idea is to displace me as the presenter and turn me into the off-camera voice…One of the things that happen is that it sensitizes you to the position of the audience receiving your ideas.

"Sara Montiel"