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Recent Faculty Grants

Principal lnvestigator Subject Sponsor Amount
Y. Aoyama The Global Shift in R&D Alliances: Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and the Quest for the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BOP) Markets. National Science Foundation $269,999
C. Williams Albedo Trends Related to Land Cover Change and Disturbance: A Multi-sensor Approach NASA,The Science of Terra and Aqua $866,082
K. Frey An interdisciplinary study of recent ice sheet melt, sea ice decline & enhanced ocean biological productivity along the Amundsen Coast, West Antarctica NASA Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science Program $707,112
A. Bebbington Two linked projects on extractive industries and social conflict in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador The Ford Foundation $200,000
K. Frey Impacts of Sea Ice Decline and River Discharge Shifts on Biological Productivity in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program $735,000
C. Williams Impacts of Disturbance History and Climate on Carbon Fluxes from North American Forests NASA, ROSES, Terrestrial Ecology Program $654,918
C. Williams Carbon Dioxide and Water Flux Responses to Extreme Weather and Climate Anomalies: A Fluxnet Synthesis NSF, Research Experience for Undergraduates Supplement $11,919
C. Williams Carbon Dioxide and Water Flux Responses to Extreme Weather and Climate Anomalies: A Fluxnet Synthesis NSF, Carbon and Water in the Earth System Program $539,840
D. Kulakowski Wildfire and Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Subalpine Forests:  Cross-Scale Interactions Under Varying Climate NSF/Ecology Proram $150,000
R. Eastman Xingu Indigenous Lands Ecosystems Services Project Conservation International $10,972
R. Eastman Analysis and interpretation of hyperspectral imagery for mapping distributions of Fraxinus species and emerald ash borer host trees USDA/APHIS $62,907
K. Frey Sea Ice Variability and Polynya Formation on Biological Productivity in the Northern Bering Sea NSF/Arctic Natural Sciences Program $101,514
Y. Aoyama & S. Ratick Dynamics of US Logistics Industry NSF $190,000
Y. Aoyama Geography of Cultural Production in the Age of Globalization NGS $17,000
R. Eastman Landuse Modeling and Prediction Conservation International $248,308 + $84,816
R. Eastman Spatial Monitoring of Trends in Biodiversity Moore Foundation $644,387
J. Emel Mining FDI, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability NSF $249,598
K. Frey The Polaris Project: Rising Stars in the Arctic NSF $59,411
R. Kasperson Vulnerability Harvard/Packard Foundation $139,112
D. Martin Legalizing Neighborhood NSF $99,997
J. Murphy The Socio-Spatial Dimensions of Industrial Change in Bolivia NSF $50,000 + $10,570
C. Polsky (& S. Tular) Vulnerability in New England Fisheries NOAA $131,902
C. Polsky & R. Pontius Suburbanization: Water Use, Nitrogen Cycling & Eutrophication in Massachusetts NSF $1,450,153
C. Polsky & J. Rogan HERO Thoreau Foundation $25,000
R. Pontius Land Modeling Marine Biological Labs/NSF $48,500
B. Turner & J. Rogan Landscape Resilience-Vulnerability in Southern Yucatan NASA $208,000
B. Turner & R. Eastman Coupled Human Env. Systems in SYPR NSF $149,684
B. Turner, J. Rogan, C. Polsky & R. Pontius HERO Infrastructure PSU $290,000