HERO: Human-Environment Regional Observatory

Place-Making Assessment (PMA)

Place-Making Assessment (PMA): This research stream uses qualitative data collection methods, such as interviews and focus groups to explore: (1) How the experience of tree planting programs and the associated policy interventions, affects neighborhood-level urban ecological vulnerabilities, environmental awareness and sense of place?; and (2) How can resource managers and policy makers implement more environmentally aware policies and build local tree and environmental stewardship? We emphasize the interactions among individual residents, policy makers at a variety of jurisdictional scales, and biophysical processes. The PMA group seeks to better understand the social and political element of tree survivorship. Examining the ongoing policy changes to the Worcester region’s urban forest during the tree planting efforts provides an opportunity to observe changing urban forest management protocols, and their impacts on ways people experience their city, town or home, i.e. place-making, and how their ethic of tree and other environmental care changes based on those experiences.