Mosiac of Knowledge

Recently Awarded Ph.D.s in History

Erin E. Redihan, Ph.D. May 2015

" Winning Hearts and Medals: The Olympics and the Cold War, 1948-1968"

Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Salve Regina College

Diane M. Boucher, Ph.D. May 2014

"Networks and Empires in the Maritime Borderlands: East Florida, 1763-1811"

Current Position: Lecturer of History, Department of Humanities, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Steven K. Heise, Ph.D. May 2014

"'Whether it be Lawful': The Debate Over Slavery in the Atlantic World, 1550-1750"

Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Endicott College and Holyoke Community College

Kameika Samantha Murphy, Ph.D. May 2014

"Currents of Liberty: Revolutionary Emigres to Jamaica and Their Contribution to Afro-Caribbean Civil Society, 1775-1838"

Current Position: Assistant Professor, College of Charleston

Alexander V. Marriott, Ph.D. May 2013

"It has Long Been a Grave Question: The Republican War Dilemma in American History, 1776-1860"

Current Position: Lead and Assistant Professor of History, Wiley College