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Student Research

Undergraduate honors theses completed in 2017

Rachel Christ
"Twentieth-Century America Witchcraft:  A Study of the Relationship between Female Empowerment and Contemporary Interpretations of Witchcraft"

Patrick Fox
"Shifting Paradigms in the Levant:  The Six Day War, Israel, and the Forces of Change in the Middle East, 1967-1973"

Santiago Herdoiza
A Study on the Alliance for Progress and US Interventionism in Ecuador During the Kennedy Administration"

Samuel Korsvedt
"Remembering the Mongol Empire"

Emily Langley
"Girls Next Door and Revolutionaries:  How Communism Transformed the Roles of Women in the Vietnam War"

Devin Melle
"Washed Ashore: Black American Whalemen at Home and Abroad"

Marisa Natale
"I Went Down Exactly to Where People Were": Women in the Palestinian Nationalist Movement, 1987-2005

Meghan Paradis
""Writing Under Watch:  German Jewish Writers and Weimar German Women's Magazines, 1924-1930"

Adelaide Petrov-Yoo
"The Political Role of Public Opinion in the Soviet-Afghan War"