Friday, April 9, 2010
Grace Room, Higgins University Center



Marc Mamigonian

9:00-10:45AM, Session 1

Issues and Problems of Existing Scholarship on the Armenian Genocide: 
Where Are We in the Research?

Moderator: Marc Mamigonian

Richard Hovannisian:   
So, Where Do We Go from Here?

Donald Bloxham:         
Armenian Genocide in the Light of Comparative Genocide Scholarship

Rouben Adalian:       
From Imperatives to Interpretations: Archival and Historical Analysis of the Armenian Genocide, 1965 to 2010

Oktay Özel:           
Remembering the Basics: On the Necessity for a Historian’s Agenda in the Study of the Armenian Genocide

10:45 - 11:00AM                                Mid-morning Coffee Break                                    Lurie Room

11:00 - 1:00PM, Session 2:
Armenian Sources and Archives

Moderator: Ara Sanjian

Dikran Kaligian:

ARF Archives in Boston and the Armenian Genocide

Bedross Der Matossian:

Jerusalem Armenian Patriarchal Archive and the Armenian Genocide

Raymond Kevorkian:

Armenian Materials About Massacres and Deportations

Aram Arkun:

Armenian- Language Primary Sources Published on the Armenian Genocide: A Preliminary Survey

Hayk Demoyan:

Russian and Armenian Archival Sources on the Armenian Genocide in Armenia

Excursion I./Asbed Kotchikian:

Armenian Church in Aleppo and Its Archive

Excursion II./ Khatchig Mouradian: 

Early Armenian Newspaper Coverage on Genocide, 1915-1935

1:00 - 1:50PM                                                     Lunch                              University Student Cafeteria

2:00 - 3:45PM, Session 3
Ottoman/Turkish Sources and Archives

Moderator: Selim Deringil

Ayhan Aktar:
Ottoman Archive on the Question of How Effective was the Ottoman Bureaucracy During 1915-1917?

Nazan Maksudyan:
Documentation of 1909 Adana Massacres: A Comparative Study of Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivi and French Diplomatic Archives in Nântes

Seda Altuğ:
Armenian Genocide in the Syrian Sources

Uğur Üngör:
Skeletons in the Closet? Notes on the Armenian Genocide in Turkish Republican Sources

Excursion I./ Oktay Özel:
The ATASE Archive and the Ottoman Archival Materials in Sofia, Bulgaria

Excursion II. /Taner Akçam:
Some Observations on the Ottoman Interior Ministry, Second Department of the General Security Documents

3:45 - 4:00PM                                            Afternoon Coffee Break                                Lurie Room

4:00- 6:00 PM, Session 4

Other Sources and Archives (German, Russian, etc.)

Moderator: Thomas Kühne

Peter Holquist:
Traces of the Armenian Genocide in Russian-Language Collections of the Former Russian Empire and Soviet Union

Hans-Lukas Kieser:
Missionary Sources on the Ottoman Armenians in the 1910’s

Wolfgang Gust:
The Documents of the German Foreign Office and the Armenian Genocide

Margaret Anderson:
Türken - Jäckh: Portrait of an Enabler

Matthias Bjørnlund:
What Do the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Archives Tell Us About the Genocide Period and Its Aftermath?

Excursion I./Jan Beth-Sawoce:

A Short Study of the Sayfo in the Vatican Archive


       Reception, Lurie Room


The Armenian Genocide: 95 Years Later

Academic and Personal Reflections

Tilton Hall, Higgins University Center

Moderator: Debórah Dwork

Featured Panelists:
Uğur Üngör

Margaret L. Anderson

Richard Hovannisian

Nazan Maksudyan

Saturday,  April 10 
Grace Room, Higgins University Center           

9:00 - 10:45AM, Session 5
What Needs To Be Done?

Moderator: Taner Akçam

Eric Weitz:
Historical Context of the Armenian Genocide

Erik Zürcher:
Subaltern Histories of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey - Essential Steps on the Way to a New Synthesis

Ron Suny:
What Is to be Done? Future Work on the Armenian Genocide

Stephan Astourian:
The Road Ahead for Armenian Genocide Studies

Excursion I./ Henry Theriault:
Gender and Genocide: New Perspectives for Armenian Genocide Research

10:45 - 11:00AM                                Mid-morning Coffee Break                                 Lurie Room

11:00-12:00PM, Session 6
Reflections on the Workshop and Suggestions

Moderators: Taner Akçam and Eric Weitz

12:00 - 1:00PM                                            Lunch                              University Student Cafeteria

Optional 1.5 hour driving tour of historic Armenian sites in Worcester is planned upon the conclusion of the workshop




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