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Geva Segal ’21 - EcoSort

Brothers build a machine to sort trash automatically using computer vision and machine learning models.

two boys recyling

Geva Segal ’21 and his brother, Benjamin Sega, Brandeis University ’20, were active in Hackathon competitions throughout New England during the 18/19 school year, receiving Hackathon awards at MIT and Harvard. These competitions led the duo to apply to Microsoft's biggest event, Imagine Cup National Finals 2019. The Segal brother were chosen from tens of thousands of applicants. EcoSort is a conveyer belt system and computer scanning software that identifies trash EcoSort and deposits into the proper bin – recycling, compost or landfill.

Current entrepreneur supported by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

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The Clark Collective gives students an opportunity to connect with the public, through a retail storefront. Clark students can take advantage of the opportunity to use the 12 available booths to start their own businesses, get their feet wet, and practice the skills they’ve acquired in their entrepreneurship, business, and management classes.

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