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Profile: Diana Levine, Clark Student,'07

Diana LevineClark Senior Diana Levine has known for a while that working for a magazine is what she wanted to do after college. So when the idea came to her that, "to gain some experience, I could make a magazine that was professional and would allow me to practice what I wanted to do for a career," and her art professor, Valerie Claff, told her to go for it, she did. STIR magazine was created in 2004, and Levine, who is the founder and editor, has since spent every free minute outside of class, eating, the gym, and sleeping dedicated to the magazine. The life, culture, and style magazine is completely student run, and is comprised of sections on Clark, Worcester, reviews, features, style, and a hodge podge of other material related to photography, advice, and college living. STIR's readers are predominantly Clark students, but with the latest issue focusing on "Worcester Students to Know", and Levine's hopes to possibly make it a consortium wide publication, the magazine is set to grow.

STIR, which began with a three person staff and in black and white, now has about 30 core students from all majors and backgrounds who contribute to the production. Levine, a psychology and studio art major, has also taken a lot of what she learned at internships at Boston Magazine and Jane Magazine in New York City, and combined that with advice and encouragement from professors at Clark in the art department and George Gendron in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and some financial support from the Clark Student Council, to create a 60 page, full color, stunning visual publication. "I loved everything I did at my internships. I wanted to take all that I learned at them to make STIR even better."

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