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Idealistic Studies

Idealistic Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy

Gary E. Overvold (Clark University), Editor
Walter Wright (Clark University), Editor Emeritus

Robert N. Beck (Clark University), Founding Editor

The journal Idealistic Studies, published by the Philosophy Documentation Center, provides a forum for the discussion of themes and topics that relate to the tradition and legacy of philosophical Idealism. Interested students may work with the editor in the production of the journal.

Established in 1971 as a vehicle for American Personalism and post-Kantian Idealism, the journal's mission has broadened to include other cognate topics, issues and philosophers. The journal's purview now includes historically earlier expressions as well as the inheritance of that past in the developments of late 19th to mid-20th century philosophy. The journal has become a venue for a number of philosophical movements that share Idealism in their genealogies, including Phenomenology, Neo-Kantianism, Historicism, Hermeneutics, Process Philosophy, Existentialism, and Pragmatism.

The purpose of Idealistic Studies is to provide a forum for writing that recognizes, whether by advocacy or criticism, the defining significance of consciousness and mind in the concerns of philosophy and other expressions of high culture.