Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

3/2 Engineering Program

For students who want to combine their interest in engineering with other liberal arts disciplines, Clark offers the 3/2 Engineering program. This five-year program, offered in conjunction with Columbia University, allows students to take pre-engineering courses in the sciences along with Clark's other offerings in the arts, humanities and social sciences for three years, followed by two years of advanced engineering studies at Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Upon completion, students receive two degrees, a B.A. degree from Clark and a B.S. degree in engineering from Columbia.

The 3/2 Engineering program is open to all Clark students, although the required curriculum must be started during the first year of study to permit the timely completion of all requirements. Those students whose high-school background (as determined by placement examinations) has not prepared them to enter calculus (MATH120) and composition (ENG020) during their first semester may not be able to enter the program unless they attend summer school to complete the requirements on time.

Note: Students who expect to enroll in the 3/2 Engineering Program should indicate their interest in the program to their summer advisor when they pick classes in June or July. In addition, please plan to make an appointment with the Committee Chair, Charles Agosta, Sackler Sciences Center, Room MP-231, 508-793-7169, once you arrive on campus for the Fall 2018 semester.  It is important to begin the required courses in your first semester to complete the required curriculum on time.


Part One: 3/2 Engineering at Clark

At Clark, students in the 3/2 engineering program are advised to major in a field that strongly overlaps the entrance requirements for Columbia's engineering school. Possible majors include chemistry, computer science, economics, environmental science and policy, mathematics, physics, and a self-designed liberal-arts/engineering major. Your major at Clark will sometimes complement your intended engineering major at Columbia.  As an example, if you are interested in Chemical Engineering, a Chemistry Major at Clark would be a good choice.  Information showing Clark courses and their equivalents for the Columbia program can be found here.

Students are encouraged to seek a major adviser who is familiar with the program and the advice of 3/2 Engineering Committee members. Course selection will be slightly different for each student, depending on the selection of majors and AP courses, but the sample curricula will be a good place to start, when planning a schedule. Students intending a self-designed liberal-arts/engineering major may wish to use the 3/2 Engineering Committee as their major advisory committee. 

Part Two: 3/2 Engineering at Columbia

At Columbia's engineering school, students may major in any of the fields they offer. In addition to the traditional engineering fields taught at all schools, unique programs such as engineering and public policy, biomedical engineering, system science and engineering, and fire-protection engineering are also available. Please consult the program chair for further information.

Enrollment at the Engineering School.  Students submit a formal application for admission to the engineering school through the 3/2 Engineering Committee during their junior year. Application for financial aid is made at the same time, and those students receiving financial aid can expect to be supported at levels that are generally consistent with the level of Clark’s support during the first three years. Please note however that financial aid is not available for foreign students.