Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

The Facilities

Physics is situated in the Physics building in the Sackler Sciences Center, along with Math and Computer Science. View the campus map.

Our most important resources are our outstanding faculty and our motivated students. Without them, our well equipped teaching laboratories dedicated to computer simulations, electronics, optics, atomic and nuclear physics, and materials science would be worthless. Much of the equipment used in these courses has been purchased with teaching grants from the National Science Foundation or has been used in our research laboratories. In addition to these laboratories, most of our majors work in one of our well-equipped research laboratories in condensed matter physics.

Computers are extensively used in our teaching and research. We offer a course on computer simulation, a valuable research and teaching tool. All of our research labs use computers to control experiments and to collect and analyze data. The many microcomputers and the four RISC workstations in the department are available at all times to physics majors. These computers are linked by ethernet to the general purpose University computers and by the internet to workstations and supercomputers at other institutions.

The Carlson Science Library in the Sackler Sciences Center has an excellent collection of over 7,200 books and almost 400 scientific journals. Important adjuncts are our Electronics Shop and Instrument Shop. Each shop is available for use by faculty and students.