Political Science


Program Faculty

Robert Boatright, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science
American political behavior, political parties, campaigns and elections, interest groups, political participation, and political theory
Tel: 1-508-793-7632

Michael Butler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; Director, Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Luxembourg Program
Security studies, conflict management and resolution, foreign policy analysis
Tel: 1-508-793-7186

Mark C. Miller, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Political Science; Adjunct Professor, Department of History
Director of Law and Society Concentration
American government, politics of law and the judiciary, Congressional politics, lawyers and politics
Tel: 1-508-793-7233

Paul W. Posner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Director of Latin American and Latino Studies Concentration
Dr. Posner's current research focuses on democratization and political participation in developing regions, particularly Latin America. He is also interested in the impact of economic globalization and related state reforms on social organization and collective action in both developing and developed countries, and in comparative environmental policy and democratization in developing countries.
Tel: 1-508-793-7253

Suzanne Scoggins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Political Science Department
Policing, protest management, bureaucratic politics, rights consciousness, and authoritarian control in reform-era China
Tel: 508-793-7327

Heather Silber Mohamed, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Latino politics, immigrant socialization and participation, immigration policy, identity politics in the U.S.
Tel: 1-508-793-7797

Srinivasan Sitaraman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Program Faculty for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
United Nations and international law, international political economy, and international relations
Tel: 1-508-793-7684

Valerie Sperling, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Political Science
Dr. Sperling teaches a variety of courses in comparative politics, including Russian politics; revolution and political violence; mass murder and genocide under communism; transitions to democracy; globalization and democracy; and introduction to women’s studies. Her research interests include globalization and accountability, social movements, gender politics, patriotism and militarism, and state-building in the post-communist region.
Tel: 1-508-793-7679

Ora Szekely, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Dr. Szekely's research and teaching interests include Non-state military actors, the politics of the Middle East, mass violence and civilian protection, new media, propaganda, and political mobilization.
Tel: 1-508-793-7360

Kristen Williams, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Political Science
Director, women's and gender studies; International relations theory, arms control and international security, nationalism and ethnic politics, U.S. foreign policy, women, gender and conflict.
Tel: 1-508-793-7446

Adjunct Faculty

Douglas Little, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of History
U.S. diplomatic history, U.S. 20th-century history
Tel: 1-508-793-7184

Research Faculty

Cynthia Enloe, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Department of International Development, Community, and Environment
The interactions of feminism, women, militarized culture, war, politics and globalized economics in countries such as Japan, Iraq, the US, Britain, the Philippines, Canada, Chile and Turkey

Emeriti Faculty

John Blydenburgh, Ph.D.

Sharon Krefetz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Political Science
Tel: 1-508-793-7300