Political Science


The Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship Program for Undergraduates

The Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship Program is funded by the Francis A. Harrington Public Affairs Fund. In 1963, Mr. Harrington gave a generous gift to Clark University to support lectures, seminars, fellowships and other special programs related to public affairs. The Harrington Fund supports distinguished Lecturer Series, guest speakers for Political Science classes and other Clark community events and research expenses of Political Science faculty and students in the Honors Program.

The Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship Program for undergraduates encourage and support the pursuit original research on politics and public policy as well as service projects.

The Harrington Fellows share highlights of their projects with the wider intellectual community at Clark by participating in either Fall Fest or Academic Spree Day.

Approximately five Harrington Fellowship awards are made each year, ranging from $500-$2500.

In addition, smaller amounts may be available to support student participation and attendance at academic conferences. Please speak to your faculty advisor if you are interested in this opportunity.


Students may apply if (1) they have declared a major or minor in Political Science (2) they have completed at least two semesters at Clark and expect to return to Clark the following year as an undergraduate student so they will be able to participate in Fellowship community events; (3) they have a cumulative GPA of 3.25.

Application Process

There are two rounds of applications: Fall and Spring.  A student who is granted a Harrington Fellowship in the Fall application round can use the Fellowship during the following Spring semester.  A student who is granted a Harrington Fellowship in the Spring application round can use the Fellowship during the following Summer break or Fall semester.

Applications for Fellowships to support Spring Semester projects are due by noon on November 16th.  Applications for Fellowships to support Summer or Fall Semester projects are due by noon on April 16th.

To apply, students must submit the following:

  • Part I and Part II of the Harrington Fellowship Application
  • A 3-5 page statement that:

--describes the proposed project including when and where it will be carried out;

   explains where/when/how the idea for the project originated and why the project is
   important to the applicant

--explains how the project connects with public affairs, policy, politics or the public life of
   citizenship, and/or articulates a research dimension to the project that will result in the
   creation of new knowledge that advances public affairs and civic life

--provides an estimated budget for the project, including, for example, travel costs,
   accommodations, meals, equipment, etc.

  • A copy of their academic transcript (an unofficial academic grade report, printed from the online Clark Intranet site, will suffice).
  • Two letters of recommendation: one from the Clark Political Science Department faculty mentor and one from another Clark faculty member (who can be from another Department). These two letters should comment on the applicant's abilities and potential for intellectual growth and evaluate the feasibility of the proposed project.

Completed applications should be sent directly to the Harrington Fellowship Program, c/o Chair of the Department of Political Science, no later than noon on April 16th and noon on November 16th.

Criteria for Selection

Criteria for selection will include the originality of the proposed project; the significance of the proposed project for understanding politics, the role of public service, or the importance of engagement in the public life of citizenship; the applicant's potential for successfully completing the project; and the likely contribution of the project to the intellectual growth of other members of the community of Harrington Fellows.

Further Information

Students who are interested in applying for a Harrington Fellowship should feel free to contact the Chair or any full-time member of the Political Science Department. The current Chair is Professor Robert Boatright (rboatright@clarku.edu, x7632, Jeff 313).