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Model United Nations Program

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The award-winning Model United Nations program at Clark University offers the opportunity to simulate the inner-workings of the United Nations as representatives of UN member states, as members of NGOs and major International Organizations. The Model United Nations Program for Clark undergraduates is a realistic simulation of the activities of ambassadors and representatives of different member nations who serve in the different agencies of the United Nations and it sister organizations. Students assume the role of ambassadors or special UN representatives of the various UN member states; they participate in live simulations of the UN Security Council, ECOSOC, Human Rights Council, International Law Commission, and International Court of Justice.

Over the last several years, the intensity and the frequency of our program and the participative and competitive spirit of our students have been extraordinary. Now we participate in three Model UN Conferences every year: Yale University Security Council Conference (SCSY) in October, Harvard University National Model UN Conference (HNMUN) in February, and Five Colleges at Mount Holyoke (FCMUN) in April. The profile of our team has grown and the last few years our team has consistently won awards at all of the major conferences. Clark at the Harvard Conference.

For the first time we hosted a Middle School Model UN Conference on our campus on 27th March 2010 and a High School Model UN Conference is planned for Fall 2010. Clark students were on the other side of the bench, organizing, directing, and running the conference. We also host a United Nations Simulation every fall semester for Clark undergraduates as a part of the Model UN course. In Fall 2008, the topic was The Situation in Darfur, Sudan and in Fall 2009 the simulation focused on the crisis in South Asia, Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak Crisis). The fall simulation in our campus is normally a two-day event that is conducted over a weekend and we rely on this simulation to finalize our teams for Yale, Harvard and the Five-College conferences.

While participating in these conferences Clark students known as "delegates" enter the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and high politics as they grapple with complex realities of international peace and security, human rights, women's rights, and economic development, and they pit their skills against delegates from other schools who represent other nations. Delegates prepare by thoroughly researching the policy positions of the countries they are representing and contribute to a lively exchange of ideas and simulate an authentic environment that parallels the various UN meetings. This active learning experience complements the classroom learning and prepares Clark students to enter a professional career in diplomacy, government, law, or the academe. Model UN is also offered as a course; students enroll in Model UN-1 (079) in the Fall Semester and in Model UN-II (080) in the Spring Semester. Course grades are based on regular class attendance, active participation, presentation skills, research and writing country position papers, and successful participation in the Model UN conferences.

Along with the participation in the Model UN program, Clark students also enroll in the course on United Nations and International Politics (PSCI 146), which is offered every fall semester.

For questions, contact Professor Srini Sitaraman at x7684 in the Political Science Department.