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Physical Therapy


Physical therapists care for people who have been disabled through injury, illness, developmental defects, and aging. The level of responsibilities depends on experience, specialization, and advanced education. They evaluate muscular and related functions and use various therapeutic treatments. PTs may work on referral of a physician or independently.

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M.P.T. (Master's degree program recommended for students who have completed a BA/BS degree.)
D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Program Length

2-3 years

Professional Schools' Organization

APTA (American Physical Therapy Association)
Accredited PT and PTA Programs
Physical Therapy Graduate School Programs
Physical Therapy Graduate School Ranking
Physical Therapy Schools
Physical Therapy Schools and Programs


Application Service

PTCAS (Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service)
PTCAS Programs
Fee Waiver

Academic Admission Requirements

One semester each of General Psychology, Advanced Psychology, Math, English, Statistics. Two semesters each: Chemistry, Physics; three semesters minimum of Biology including one semester each of Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.
PTCAS Course Prerequisite Summary


Admission Exam


Personal Attributes & Experiences

Most PT programs require significant and extended experience in physical therapy or other health-related experiences.
PT Observation Requirements by Program

Recommendation Letters

No standard form.
PTCAS Reference Requirements by Program
PTCAS References