DaVinci's Man

Extracurricular Activities

Medical schools look for applicants who have demonstrated PASSION and an ABILITY TO EXCEL in whatever they do. Successful applicants often spend time in the medical environment (EMTs, hospital volunteers, etc.), demonstrate valuable personality traits (leadership, compassion, communication skills, etc.), and leave a legacy of positive accomplishments in whatever way they choose to serve their community.

Accordingly, it is vital that you engage in extracurricular activities that allow you to develop and document these types of skills and strengths. There is no specific type of activity that is best for all; i.e., you have to find what is right for you. You do not even have to leave Clark's local community. For example, participating in team sports, tutoring classmates or high school students, or being active in student organizations can be valuable.

To acquire experience in the medical environment, you might consider EMT training or volunteering at a hospital or medical clinic.

There are many similar informal opportunities to serve.

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