DaVinci's Man

MCAT and AMCAS Workshops

Preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) - MCAT Workshop

Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance! Learn:

  • The structure and timing of the MCAT;
  • What material is covered;
  • How to study in courses that will be helpful for the MCAT;
  • How to review for the MCAT using resources that we provide;
  • How to support each other in preparing for the MCAT;
  • Good test-taking skills;
  • How to approach the MCAT with confidence.

Our MCAT workshop and website provide support:

  • The MCAT workshop provides focus and motivation to begin preparing in plenty of time.
  • The website is always available to provide useful hints and links to valuable resources.

Learn more on the Standardized Exams page.

Central Application and Personal Essay - AMCAS Workshop

Preparing the central application is critical. One centralized application is sent to all medical schools. We help you prepare the strongest possible application:

  • Biographical and contact information: Essential for contact with medical schools.
  • Academic profile: Courses, GPA, list of all undergraduate schools attended.
  • List of experiences: An opportunity to convey ways in which you have demonstrated passion, compassion, commitment to excellence, communication skills, and other strengths of character.
  • Personal Essay: Arguably the single most important page you, as a premed candidate, will write in your life. This is the primary opportunity to convince a medical school's admissions committee that you are the type of person they would want as their own doctor.

Learn more on the Application Process page.