Clinical psychology

Clinical Psychology Faculty

The clinical faculty (listed below) are all active in research, and all clinical graduate students are welcome and expected to join in this activity. We provide strong training in research methods and skills through both close mentoring of our students and coursework. Faculty interests include familial and other factors that place children at risk, men’s mental health, marital interaction, and prevention of depression, as well as other areas. While we emphasize research and scholarship, we also provide closely supervised and broad-based training in our clinical practica. Our graduate students ordinarily are accepted at very good internships. All members of the faculty include some aspect of clinical activity or clinical teaching as part of their activities, in addition to their other teaching and research responsibilities.

Michael E. Addis, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy process and outcome, masculinity and help-seeking, lay theories of treatment and psychopathology

Esteban V. Cardemil, Ph.D.
Mental health care disparities, prevention and treatment, cultural adaptations, depression

James V. Córdova, Ph.D. --Department Chair
Couples' relationship health and deterioration; couple's therapy research; intimacy, acceptance, depression, and motivating the adoption of relationship healthy practice; the Marriage/Relationship Checkup and Couples Therapy for Depression

Abbie Goldberg, Ph.D.
Gender, family, and sexuality; the transition to parenthood among diverse families; lesbian- and gay-parent families; adoption; reproductive technologies

Wendy S. Grolnick, Ph.D. --Director of Clinical Training
Motivation and development, self-regulation of emotion and behavior in infancy and early childhood, parent and teacher influences on children's motivation and adjustment, child clinical psychology

Amy Heberle, Ph.D.
Poverty and social-emotional development, social class and socioeconomic status, early sociopolitical development and mental health, child clinical psychology, infant-toddler mental health, program evaluation, school and community based intervention

Kathleen Palm Reed, Ph.D. --Associate Director of Clinical Training
Substance use disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, interpersonal violence, and acceptance-based behavior therapies