Developmental psychology

Ph.D. Program in Developmental Psychology

A pioneer in the study of human development, Clark’s program focuses on the development of psychological processes in societal and cultural contexts. With faculty expertise across the lifespan, faculty unite in studying the links between intra-individual and inter-individual change over time. How do interactions between individuals, ecological contexts, and cultural patterning result in new ways of being in the world? Currently faculty examine areas such as bilingualism, pretend play, racial experiences, narrative, and malleable factors influencing learning and subsequent academic achievement in schooling and college populations.

Developmental Full-time Faculty

Michael Bamberg, Ph.D.

Nancy Budwig, Ph.D. - Developmental Program Chair

Alena Esposito, Ph.D.

Rachel Falmagne, Ph.D.

Ana Marcelo, Ph.D.

Seana Moran, Ed.D.

Marianne Wiser, Ph.D.

Affiliated Developmental Faculty

Jeffrey Arnett, Ph.D. - Senior Research Scholar

Lene Jensen, Ph.D. - Senior Research Scientist


Why pursue a doctorate in developmental psychology at Clark?

  • Clark is a small liberal arts based research university, that offers students a unique graduate opportunity given its human scale.
  • We offer exceptionally close collaboration with faculty mentors, the opportunity to work with multiple faculty and peers, including opportunities to work across the boundaries of individual department programs.
  • You can become involved in cutting edge scholarship at the forefront of interdisciplinary theory and practice linking human development to other disciplines, including opportunities for interdisciplinary training and experiences through Clark’s research centers, such as the Hiatt Center for Urban Education and the Mosakowski Institute which studies the behavioral and mental health of young people.
  • We have significant faculty expertise in linking theoretical innovation to methodological frameworks, including extensive strength in qualitative methodology. Facilities enhance our scholarship – we have first-rate research spaces including a smart playroom for automated behavioral tracking, eye tracking and 3D manual reach tracking and office space for graduate students.
  • You will have the opportunity to get involved with editorial work related to the journals and books series many developmental faculty are involved with as editors and associate editors.
  • If community action is your thing, you can become involved with Clark’s rich connections to our Main South Community Partnership – a national model for neighborhood revitalization. Clark is located in Worcester, MA which has recently been called the new “it” city:
  • Clark offers a prestigious history of continuous breakthroughs in Psychology and developmental research, including the founding of the APA on Clark’s campus back in 1892.