Social psychology

Psychology of Genocide Ph.D. track

Students in this track receive a Ph.D. in (Social) Psychology, with an interdisciplinary concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies (HGS). Students are co-advised by a social psychology faculty member who is affiliated with the Strassler Center and by an HGS core faculty member.

The student will fulfill the course requirements of the Social Psychology Ph.D. program (16 courses) and take six HGS courses, at least four of which need to be outside of Psychology. Some of these courses can be counted toward seminar requirements for the 16 credits required for the Social Psychology program. Beyond course work, the student participates regularly in the HGS academic program (lectures, dissertation proposal defenses, conferences, meetings with donors, etc.) during years one through five.

The student will receive three years of funding through graduate teaching assistantships offered through the Psychology Department (e.g., years two through four) and two years of funding through graduate fellowships from the Strassler Center (e.g., years one and five). The deadline for applications for the Psychology of Genocide track is December 15. Applications are reviewed by both departments. For more information please contact Johanna Ray Vollhardt ( or Thomas Kuehne (