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This page showcases the exciting and varied research of our undergraduate students!

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Undergraduate Honors Theses Completed in 2016

Nicole Curbelo - Perceptions of Individual-focused and Group-focused Leadership Among Undergraduate Students (advisor: Nicola Curtain)

Connor Guerin- The College Selection Process of Student Athletes (advisor: Justin LaPlante)

Eliana Hadjiandreou - How Well and In What Ways Can Purpose Address the Altruism Question? (advisor: Seana Moran)

Samuel Highland - Alcohol Use, Social Norms, and Sense of Belongingness Among College Students and Recent Graduates (advisor: Kathleen Palm Reed)

Evelyna Kambanis- Understanding the Processes by which Marital Discord Translates to Depressive Symptomatology for Women in Heterosexual, Married Relationships: An Examination of the influences of Overall Marital Quality, Internalization of Gender Roles & Sense of Personal Responsibility Felt for Relationship Difficulties (advisor: James Cordova)

Kayla Landis - Autism, Aggression, and Courtesy Stigma: Public Perception of Parents with Children on the Spectrum (advisor: Nicole Overstreet)

Meghan Reilly - Distress Tolerance as a Mediator of Borderline Personality Symptoms and Anxious Attachment, and Obsessive Relational Intrusion (ORI): An Exploratory Study (advisor: Denise Hines)

Holly Rosen - Seeking Self-Certainty in an Uncertain Time: Attachment Style and Self-Esteem in Emerging Adulthood (advisor: Jeffrey Arnett)

Academic Spree Day and Fall Fest

In the academic community, research and creative projects have been traditionally presented for inspiration and critique. Presentation can take the form of a paper published in a scholarly journal, an oral presentation given at a conference or seminar, an exhibit, a recital, a video, or a poster. Since 1991, Clark has sponsored its own presentation venue in the form of Academic Spree Day, held each April. November 2000, saw the first of a similar event for the fall semester, Fall Fest.

Recent Psychology Presentations at Academic Spree Day


2016 Academic Spree Day
(PDF of full program)


Oral Presentations

Table Talk: College Women’s Discourses Surrounding Food, Dieting, and Body Image. Gianna Bizzarro ’16 (in collaboration with Justin Laplante, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor James Córdova)

I'll Do Good If Nobody Finds Out: Can Purpose Explain The Altruism Question? Eliana Hadjiandreou ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

Clark Student Views and Suggestions for Clark Counseling Services. Rachel Kaplan ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Elena Zaretsky)


Cultural Values and Prevalence of Marijuana Use Between Asian American and Asian International College Students. Emilie Backer ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Narrative, Nostalgia and Friendship in Stand By Me. Jewel Beddia ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

The Relationship Agency Scale: A Scale Validation Study. Kelly Berg ’16 & Madeleyn Valenzuela ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Randi Garcia)

Moving Away From Monogamy: The Effects of Modern Romance on the Creation of Relationships. Nickie Boridehpaz ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

Desire for Openness and Honesty about Distress among College Men. Kelsey Clary ’16 (in collaboration with Ethan Hoffman, M.A.; Sponsor: Professor Michael Addis)

Outcome Expectancies, Time Perspective and Marijuana. Mark Crisafulli ’16 (in collaboration with Vicki Ameral, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Perceptions of Individual-focused and Group-focused Leadership among Undergraduate Students. Nicole Curbelo ’16 (Sponsors: Professor Nicola Curtin & Professor Diala Hawi)

Implications of Gender Ideology and the division of Domestic Labour on the Marital Satisfaction of Couples. Marie Deininger ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Randi Garcia)

ACT for Parents of Anxious Children. Jake Dinerman ’16 (in collaboration with Phoebe Moore Ph.D. – University of Massachusetts Medical School; Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

Living in Color: What we know vs. what remains to be known and done. Themal Ellawala ’17 (in collaboration with Vickie Mays, PhD; Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

An Analysis of Narrative-Centric Social Commercials. Camille Anne Ferreol ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

The Complexities of Ingroup Obedience in Jewish Collective Resistance During the Holocaust. Emma Goldblum ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Ray Vollhardt)

What's Important To Criminal Psychopaths? An Exploratory Study Of Inmates' Values. Eliana Hadjiandreou ’16 (in collaboration with the American Psychological Association and the Human Emotion Research Lab (HERL) at George Mason University; Sponsor: The Dean of the College Student Support Award)

Alcohol Use, Social Norms, and Sense of Belongingness Among College Students and Recent Graduates. Samuel V. Highland ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Efficacy of Empathy Training. Brittni Jenson ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

Romanticized Psychological Abuse in Georgia. Keke Kaikhosroshvili ’16 - Also associated with Women’s and Gender Studies (Sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart) —LEEP Project

The Role of Religiosity in Predicting Teen Independence. Jake Kiley ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Randi Garcia)

Marijuana User-Profiles in College Students: Politics and Life Goals. Angeline Kopka ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm-Reed)

Ethics in Practice: Why Ethical Behavior in Group Settings Predicts Positive Perception from Others. Declan Kurant ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart)

Autism, Aggression and Courtesy Stigma: Public Perception of Parents with Children on the Spectrum. Kayla Landis ’16 – Steinbrecher Fellow (Sponsor: Professor Nicole Overstreet)

Social Anxiety and How it Relates to Increased Drinking in Female College Students. Jillian Levesque ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Gender differences in the effect of emotion experiences on college students: “relation to depression”. Muzi Lin ’18 (Sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart)

2015 Academic Spree Day
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Program Archive

Recent Psychology Presentations at Fall Fest

2016 Fall Fest
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Benefits of Yoga in the Park. Nidhi Thaker ’17, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt and LEEP Center)

The effects of meditation and rumination on reported perceived stress and optimism in undergraduate students. Sherief Eldeeb ’18 (sponsor: Professor Nicole M. Overstreet)

Hegemonic Empathy in Adolescent Boys. Brandon Hall ’17 (sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart)

Heterosexism in the Workplace: Extended Tests of the Outgroup Male Target Hypothesis. Declan Kurant ’17, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart)

Developing a Curriculum for Perspectives Corporation. Julissa Lopez ’18, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

2015 Fall Fest
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2014 Fall Fest
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Program Archive