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The Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) Program at Clark is an interdisciplinary program that is supported by more than fifty affiliated faculty from the humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, visual and performing arts, management, and the sciences. Our faculty are committed to teaching courses that explore the intersections of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, and class from within their disciplinary homes, and advising WGS students working at these intersections. This structure provides our students with a solid foundation in women’s studies and gender analysis, while introducing them to a range of disciplinary approaches. The WGS Program provides ample opportunity to connect theory and practice on campus, in the Worcester community, and further afield.

Women's History Month events

March is Women's History Month!

Join us for a series of events exploring the contributions and lives of women around the world. Upcoming lectures include:

  • "Technologies of Resistance and New Womanhood in Contemporary Bollywood Cinema"
  • "Women as Foreign Policy Leaders: Evaluating US National Security and Politics since 1980"
  • "Poetry for Black Lives Today: Reading by Kate Rushin"

Events are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

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About Women's and Gender Studies at Clark

The Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) Program at Clark University has a long and vibrant history. WGS was initially launched as Women's Studies in the mid-1970s, thanks to organizing by a dozen undergraduate women. These students had heard of "this new field called Women's Studies" and wanted their own Clark faculty to offer these innovative courses. Clark's first Women's Studies courses debuted in 1975 with Women in Politics, offered by Professor Sharon Krefetz, and Fiction by Women Writers, created by Professor Serena Hilsinger. Soon other faculty began offering Women's Studies courses, an undergraduate minor was created, and a new Women's Studies Ph.D. program was launched in 1992 (the Ph.D. program closed in 2008). In 2006, the program changed its name to Women's and Gender Studies, and a full-fledged major in WGS was established at Clark. Students now can choose to major or minor in WGS.