Women's and Gender Studies

Mosiac of Knowledge

Women's and Gender Studies Library

The Women's and Gender Studies Library houses the Cynthia Enloe Collection as well as other books relating to the women, gender, and sexuality studies.

Archival Collections

The Women's and Gender Studies archives include documents, reports, magazine articles, and newspaper clippings collected by students and faculty, especially from the personal collections of Professor Cynthia Enloe. We invite students and researchers to explore our files and to continue building an archival record of women's history in the making.

Location and Hours of Operation

Location: Jefferson Academic Center, 5th Floor
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am–2pm. Please email wgs@clarku.edu for more information or to schedule an alternate appointment.

Circulation Procedures

The Women's and Gender Studies Library is a non-lending library. Materials may be used only in our library and seminar room space. We are happy to make photocopies and scan pages for digital delivery to your email box.

Book Topics

Africa, Women of
Aging (see also Health)
Animal Rights
Anthropology (see also Sociology)
Art (see also Media, Photography)
Asia, Women of (see also China, Women of and Japan, Women of)
Australia and New Zealand

Biographies (includes Diaries and Memoirs)
Black Women (see also Africa, Women of)
Body Image (includes Beauty & Beauty Pageants)
Britain, Women of
Business (see also Labor)

Canada, Women of
China, Women of
Communication (see Language)

Development (see also Economics)

Europe, Women of

Family (see also Marriage)
Feminism/Feminist Theory (see Philosophy)
Foreign Language Books
France, Women of

Germany, Women of
Government (see Politics)

Health (see also Abortion, Reproduction, Motherhood)
Human Rights

India, Women of
Ireland, Women of
Israel, Women of (see Middle East also Jewish Women)
Italy, Women of
Islam, Women of

Japan, Women of
Jewish, Women of

Language and Communication
Latin American, Women of
Literature and Library Criticism

Marriage (see also Family)
Media (includes Film, Journalism. See also Art, Photography)
Middle East (includes Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and others)
Military (see also Peace Studies and War)
Motherhood (see also Reproduction and Health)
Muslim (see Islam)

Native American Women

Peace Studies (see also War and Military)

Politics and Government
Pornography (see Sex Industry)
Psychology (see also Sexuality)

Queer Theory (see Lesbians or Sexuality)

Religion and Spirituality
Russia, Women of
Reproduction (see also Motherhood, Abortion, or Health)

Science and Gender (includes Technology)
Sex Industry (includes Pornography and
Sexual Discrimination (see also Law; includes ERA)
Sexual Harassment (see also Law and Labor)
Sexuality (see also Lesbians and Psychology)
Sociology (see also Anthropology and Women's Studies Books)

Violence against Women (includes Rape, Incest, Domestic Violence, Crime)

War (see also Military and Peace Studies)
Women's Studies Books