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Submission of Manuscripts

The editors of Economic Geography invite articles that will contribute to theoretical advances and debates in economic geography, broadly conceived. New manuscripts should be submitted through the Economic Geography online submission website ScholarOne.

If you have any questions about your submission or encounter any problems with the ScholarOne manuscript system, please e-mail:

Hilary Laraba, Managing Editor


Electronic Submissions
Authors should submit manuscripts online (Word files, not PDFs, are preferred).

Maximum Length
Manuscripts, including references, tables, footnotes, and figures, should be no longer than 10,000 words.

Letter of Transmittal
The letter of transmittal accompanying a manuscript should contain a statement affirming that the article (including tables and figures) is an original piece that does not replicate in part, in whole, or in substantial meaning any article previously published or currently submitted to any other journal or book. If you have submitted portions of the article elsewhere, please send us a copy of that submission.

Review of Manuscripts or Books
If you have been selected to review a paper or a book for Economic Geography, please refer to the appropriate reviewer guidelines below.

EG Manuscript Review Guidelines - PDF
EG Book Review Guidelines - PDF

Theme Issues
Organizers or authors who are interested in proposing a theme issue for Economic Geography should refer to the guidelines below for complete information.

EG Theme Issue Guidelines - PDF


Guidelines for Authors


Please review these detailed Guidelines for Authors for suggestions on how to prepare your manuscript for submission to Economic Geography.


Manuscripts of no more than 10,000 words long including references, tables, footnotes and figures should be:

  • in English (American spelling)
  • typed double spaced in 12-point Times Roman
  • have wide margins and page numbers
  • NO right-margin justification

The manuscript should contain:

  • a title page
  • an abstract of the submission with key words
  • the body of the text
  • a list of cited references
  • the tables
  • a list of figure captions and figures*

*For the initial submission, figures may be included within the text of the paper as Word or Adobe Acrobat files. Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author must provide each figure as a separate file (see Illustrations below).


Papers should have the following:

Title Page. On the title page provide the full names of authors, academic or other professional affiliations, and the complete mailing and e-mail addresses of all of the authors, as well as a note indicating the author with whom the editors should correspond. Acknowledgments of no more than 150 words should be included at the bottom of this page as well.

Abstract. Each paper should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 250 words. The abstract should summarize the purpose, methods, and major findings of the paper. Key words should appear at the end of the abstract.

Footnotes. Footnotes should be brief and used sparingly to explain a point in the manuscript. In many cases, such information can be accommodated in the body of the text. Footnotes (not endnotes) should appear at the bottom of the page in 11-point Times Roman.

References. Cite references in the text by typing in parentheses the last name(s) of author(s), followed by the year the work was published. Immediately after the text, under the heading "References," list complete reference citations alphabetically by the senior author's last name, using Economic Geography's style. A reference to "forthcoming" implies that the paper has been accepted for publication. Titles of periodicals should be given in full. For examples of correct citations, please refer to a current issue of Economic Geography. For specific queries, refer to A Manual of Style, The University of Chicago Press.

Units of Measure and Monetary Units. Authors must use the International System of units (metric) but may show other units in parentheses. Authors must use the U.S. dollar as the standard monetary unit, although the use of other units in parentheses is encouraged.

Equations. Equations should be numbered sequentially in parentheses in the right-hand margin. Authors should be careful to show boldface and italics and should differentiate between capital and lower-case letters, Latin and Greek characters, and letters and numerals. For example, the numeral 1 and the letter l are often confused.

Tables. Each table should be discussed in the text, but readers should be able to understand tables without referring to the text. Type all tables on separate pages and number them sequentially with Arabic numerals. For each table, provide a concise, descriptive title and informative column headings.

Illustrations. Illustrations should be discussed in the text and should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numbers (for example, Figure 2). Captions for illustrations should be typed together on a separate page (labeled Figure Captions) and not included on the illustration itself. Illustrations must be of professional quality. For the initial submission of a paper, figures may be included within the text. Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author must provide each figure as a separate file in either Illustrator .ai (with type fonts converted to paths/outlines), Excel .xls, generic .eps, or .tiff format. If you are unsure about a particular format, please send a sample to us for testing. All labels and symbols must be proportioned for printing at the full column width. Size of illustrations should be in proportion to complexity of graphic content. Readers should be able to understand all illustrations without reference to the text.

Permissions. If previously published material (including illustrations, tables, or charts) of substantial extent is included in a manuscript, the author is obliged to obtain written permission from the copyright holder and submit it with the manuscript.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Hilary Laraba, Managing Editor.

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