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Partner Schools in Worcester

The Adam Institute's network of K-12 partner schools is centered in Main South, a low-income urban neighborhood in Worcester, Massachusetts. Partner schools represent a wide range of the challenges and possibilities of reform. All of the partner schools collaborate in support of Clark's Master of Arts in Teaching program, each hosting a cohort of students annually. Partner schools also collaborate with the Hiatt Center for Urban Education on research aimed at understanding practice and its development.

University Park Campus School (UPCS) stands tall in Adam Institute work. Its teachers and principal are graduates of our teacher education programs, its students almost universally qualify for postsecondary education, and it serves as a national model of effective urban schooling and partnership. UPCS became a model for the development of the "Innovation School" option in Massachusetts legislation, An Act Relative to the Achievement Act, in 2010. Subsequently, over a period of a year and a half, three partner schools, including UPCS, qualified as innovation schools. This status has a bearing on the flexibility the schools have in certain areas, including hiring, and enhances their ability to work with the Adam Institute in partnership. The three innovation schools, together with Claremont Academy, represent the core of Adam Institute neighborhood work. Learn more about the University Park Campus School.

New intensive work with Claremont Academy, in the aftermath of a pivotal decision to essentially rebuild culture and practice there, is closely related to Institute work with UPCS. The Institute supports the efforts of the school's leaders and teachers to develop practice and a college-going culture at Claremont in parallel with work at UPCS. The Institute envisions Claremont and the three innovation schools in the immediate neighborhood (Goddard Elementary, Woodland Academy, and UPCS) as the basis for a closely networked, neighborhood-based educational campus.

The different histories and cultures of the partner schools provide the Adam Institute with an opportunity to learn how to help different schools develop into powerful centers of learning for all students.

Grades PK - 6

Goddard Elementary School

Goddard Elementary began as a magnet school. Goddard, housed diagonally across from Clark in what was South High School when rocket pioneer and Clark physicist Robert Goddard attended, is now mainly a neighborhood school.

Jacob Hiatt Elementary Magnet School

Jacob Hiatt also began as a magnet school. In the past, it has been recognized by the federal Department of Education as a "Blue Ribbon" school and been recognized for its professional development practice . The School has a very active, teacher-driven Teacher Rounds program, one of the signature collaborative learning practices in the partnership.

Woodland Academy

Woodland Academy, a neighborhood school adjacent to Claremont Academy (see above), has one of the highest percentages of English language learners in the Worcester school district. Its teachers are very active in researching their practice and their students' learning, particularly with respect to classroom discussion and language development. The school practices "Poetry Inside-Out," in which students translate masterwork poems from other languages into English, exploring the power and subtlety of language in the process.

Grades 7 - 8

Sullivan Middle School

Sullivan is a coordinated set of small learning communities, each with about 200 students.

Grades 7-12

University Park Campus School (UPCS)

UPCS, a grades 7-12 school, and one of the most outstanding small, urban public schools in the country, was developed by the school district in partnership with Clark. UPCS serves about 250 students living in the Main South neighborhood surrounding the University; more than two-thirds speak a language other than English at home. The striking and steadily improving record of UPCS in preparing all of its students for postsecondary education since it opened in 1997 stands as a persuasive testament to what students from challenging environments can achieve when practice, culture, and partnership are tightly aligned. All but one of the core academic teachers at the school is a graduate of the Clark teacher education programs (as of 2012-13.)

Claremont Academy

Claremont is located only blocks from UPCS. The partnership supports the rebuilding of Claremont culture and practice after several years of underperformance. Partnership work focuses on collaborative learning practices for teachers, and supplemental academic and college readiness programs for students. In addition, the Adam Institute and the Hiatt Center for Urban Education collaborate with Claremont on research to learn from and inform the development of culture and practice at the school.

Grades 9-12

South High Community School

South High is a comprehensive high school that strives to prepare urban students to be career and college ready. South High's core school values are collaboration, respect, youth philanthropy, and community service. South High hosts as many as 15 Master of Arts in Teaching interns yearly.