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Adam Teacher Fellow Program

The Adam Teacher Fellow Program supports a partner-school teacher full- or part-time to contribute to the M.A.T. program and the development of the community of practice within his or her own school or across schools. Teacher Fellows embody the Adam commitment to the development of teacher expertise and leadership.

Testimonies from Adam Teacher Fellows:

  • It was a great privilege to be an Adam Teacher Fellow. To be able to continue to teach students while also helping train new teachers was an ideal opportunity for me. Being able to reflect on my teaching alongside new teachers was not only enjoyable, but informative for both them and me. I know I learned a great deal and am very grateful I was able to participate in such a valuable experience.—Kate Shepard, Mathematics Teacher, Claremont Academy
  • Serving in the role of teaching fellow has meant the opportunity to nurture new teachers and join in their learning, allowing me to reflect on ways to challenge and improve my own practice. It has meant connecting with other Main South teachers and Clark professors, and maintaining ties with student teachers who have moved on to other districts, creating a dynamic community that offers resources and inspiration. It has meant support to maintain faith in the work that I believe in.—Leann Ledoux, English teacher, South High School
  • For me, the best part of this job is being able to work with new and experienced teachers, being a part of both the high school and graduate school worlds, and having the opportunity to become a part of other schools and work with new groups of students, all while remaining a part of my own school and continuing to teach my own students, which is very important to me. I'm constantly thinking and working with people (kids and adults), and I feel at home in an increasing number of places.—Kyle Pahigian, Mathematics Teacher, University Park Campus School
  • Being an Adam Teacher Fellow at Clark was a remarkable experience for me. During that time I was able to work firsthand with students in their process of becoming teachers…and [be part of] a partnership which focuses on a well-balanced, yet extremely challenging program. At the grand finale, e-folios were evidence of the incredible year of every student and a testimony to the requirements and success of the program.—Anne Marie Morrissey, Spanish teacher