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International, National and Regional Recognition

The school partnership model and the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program are widely recognized. The M.A.T. program—in particular the close collaboration with school partners and practice-based features such as Teacher Rounds—has been praised by visitors from around the nation and the world, and cited in a variety of reports and publications.

Selected Awards and Praise

From the Society of Education Professors
2007 Richard Wisniewski Award for Innovation in Teacher Education

High School of Commerce, Springfield, MA
"We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Adam Institute and its partner schools. During our yearlong urban school redesign, we were able to visit both University Park Campus School and Claremont Academy several times. The powerful models of teacher collaboration, the strong relationships between students and staff, and the creation of individualized learning opportunities we saw, have been tremendously influential in creating our own school culture and vision of personalized pathways to career and college readiness for all students." —Chris Buckland, Director of Personalized Pathways

From the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, School for Teacher Education, Institute for Secondary Education
"We were overwhelmed at the generosity of your colleagues from Clark and the University Park Campus School, who gave up a number of hours to talk to us, and were extremely impressed by the close co-operation between your university and your partner school."—Jürg Marti, Annamarie Ryter, Lynn Williams

From the Urban Teacher Education Program, University of Chicago
"I can speak for the whole contingent from the University of Chicago's Urban Teacher Education Program when I say that our time at Clark was one of the richest professional development experiences we've ever been involved in. The chance for members of our group to see Rounds at both the elementary and high school levels underscored what a valuable tool it is for pre-service and in-service teacher growth. And let's not forget its value for the teacher educators themselves."—Marv Hoffman, Associate Director

"The dynamic opportunities for learning and teaching going on in the university and district partnerships are just the kinds of innovations teacher education programs need.  The opportunities to enact a praxis cycle of theory and practice push teacher candidates to make sense of what they're learning in ways that will clearly help them to become great urban teachers."---Bill Kennedy, Urban Teacher Education Program

From Mills College

"It is incredibly exciting to witness the partnership work and to see the impact of Clark/Adam/Hiatt work on the school . . . .  The work you've shared with us is such a great model and inspirition for all of us.---Kathy Schultz, Dean of Education

From Teachers College, Columbia University
"…thank you for hosting the Urban Teacher Educators Network meeting…those two days were the most productive for me as a university-based teacher educator as any I have spent in my 17 years as a professor of teacher education. Our discussions…were stimulated by the Rounds you hosted…I had the most nuanced and deep discussions about teaching and learning that I have ever had in over 32 years as an educator."—Dr. Celia Oyler, Director, Programs in Inclusive Education

From Brandeis University
"the Clark visit was an exceptional occasion for good learning and stimulating dialogue…Participating in 'Rounds' at the Hiatt Elementary school, and having 'meta-conversations' about Rounds, both at the school and back on campus, was particularly rewarding. This practice that you've established is clearly a powerful intervention in the cultures of teaching and learning to teach."—Dirck Roosevelt Director, Master of Arts in Teaching

From Roger Williams University
"Our visit to Clark University was inspiring. The faculty is enthusiastic and our time in the schools gave us many ideas for developing school partnerships at our university." — Dr. Madge Thombs, Associate Professor

"I'm very impressed with Clark's PDS model. It truly bridges the theory and practice of teaching through in-depth collaboration between the Clark's teacher preparation program and local K-12 schools. The full support from the university administration is essential for the program's success." Dr. Li-Ling Yang, Assistant Professor

"I am impressed by the commitment to urban schools that is evidenced in Clark's program. We know immersion in school settings work, and Clark is model for this important component of teacher training."—Dr. Kerri Ullucci, Assistant Professor

"The level of meaningful integration within and between urban public schools and Clark University is nothing short of astounding. Our visit to Clark's PDS partnerships was more a powerful and inspiring learning experience than several days I spent at a national PDS conference!"—Dr. Kelly Donnell, Assistant Professor

From the School of Social Work at Rhode Island College
"I have been reflecting on our visit and the kindness and generosity that you and your colleagues displayed to us. The story of your relationship with the neighborhood and its schools was fascinating. Seeing and experiencing the results of that partnership were more than enriching to me. It helped to put some reality into a future we have been trying to imagine. The relationships displayed in the classroom and with staff and students at the University Park Campus School were so impressive—there were none of the distinctions I thought would be there between the university's presence and the school, or between university faculty and school faculty. I know that part of that is about the passage of time, but most of it was about the relationships and trust you have built.

"Thank you again for allowing us to visit and to see that change is not only possible, it is absolutely necessary.
"—Sue Pearlmutter, PhD., Dean and Professor

From Ankara University Faculty of Educational Science
"I visited you when I was at Teachers College for a sabbatical stay…[and] participated in your round practice and I was impressed. Now I am back in Turkey…this term we are going to introduce [the] rounds model to our pre-service teachers in their teaching practice course."—Associate Professor and Vice Dean Dr. Fatma Bikmaz

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