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College Readiness

High test scores and college-going rates are not all that sets UPCS apart from other urban schools serving low-income students. Over nine years of operation, the school's dropout and mobility rates are virtually zero. At UPCS, even the most at-risk students make it to graduation day—and beyond.

The same study that identified UPCS as the top-performing urban high school in the state singled out University Park as the only urban school that implements a demanding academic curriculum without suffering significant student attrition as a result. Other urban schools that excelled on state tests did so at a high price: many of their academically weaker students were leaving the school within two years of entry.

Yet finishing high school is only the beginning for UPCS students. In keeping with the school's promise to students, their families, and neighborhood residents, all students graduate ready for college. Over 95% of UPCS graduates continue their education in college, and 80% have gone on to four-year institutions, including Brown, Georgetown, Trinity, Tufts, and, of course, Clark.