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Vision, Values and Mission


The Institute is committed to the development of locally and nationally significant models of urban teacher preparation, teaching, and school cultures which empower all students, regardless of background, to attend college.


The Institute's work is grounded in the belief that an equitable and quality education is the right of all, and necessary for a fair and just democratic society; and belief in the multifaceted capacity and capability of every student.

The Institute therefore supports the development of schools with inclusive learning communities and transformative learning cultures built on values of trust, respect, equity, authenticity, integrity, personalization, collaboration, individual achievement, and social betterment. At the same time, the Institute recognizes the importance of aligning with broader efforts to create a healthy and sustaining environment for the growth of children, youth, and their families in its urban setting.


The Adam Institute has a special charge, based on the Adam bequest, to develop and understand teaching that puts all students, especially those who are underprepared or who undervalue their capability and potential, on a path to college.

To meet this charge the Institute focuses on the development of powerful models of urban teacher preparation, teaching practice, and college-going learning cultures through innovative and collaborative neighborhood-based work with partner schools. More specifically, the Institute:

  • Facilitates a vibrant partnership learning community that includes a network of partner schools (located primarily in the low-income Main South neighborhood of Worcester), in which educators and other partners work together to reflect critically on, develop, learn from, and inform powerful teaching practice
  • Guides the Master of Arts in Teaching program, an exemplary model of collaborative, practice-based teacher education
  • Conducts programs which foster teacher development and students' academic development and college aspirations.
  • Collaborates with the Hiatt Center for Urban Education and colleagues nationally to understand powerful practice and its development in urban settings.