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First Annual Youth Summit on Race, Class and Education

On December 5, 2013, Clark University’s Hiatt Center for Urban Education hosted the first annual Youth Summit on Race, Class, and Education for Massachusetts high school students. The summit provided students an opportunity to engage in dialogue about how race and class shapes the educational experiences of young people across the nation. Students also had a chance to listen a diverse group of activists, educators, and scholars share their thoughts about this complex matter... Learn more »

STEM research collaborative

STEM Research Collaboration: Hiatt Center, South High, and Worcester Airport

This collaboration between Hiatt Center, South High, and Worcester Airport, engages students in learning science through studying the mechanics of flight.
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Gurel Lecture: Span culture divide to teach New Century students

Tueday, Dec 10, 2013

GloriaWhen the classroom populations are culturally diverse—and students often technologically savvier than their elders—teachers are faced with the challenge of finding way to engage them in meaningful learning. Gloria Ladson-Billings, a nationally known educator, urges teachers to immerce themselves in... Learn more »