American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an honorary society that recognizes achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. As one of the nation's oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers, the Academy convenes leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to address critical challenges facing our global society. The academy serves the nation as a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge. Members are nominated and elected by Academy Fellows.

Date Name Field Active at Clark
2014 Anthony Bebbington Geography 2010-present
2004 Roger Kasperson Geography/Government 1969-2002
2000 Susan Hanson Geography 1981-2008
1998 Billie Lee Turner II Geography 1980-2008
1976 Robert W. Kates Geography 1962-1996
1962 Gerson Kegeles Chemistry 1951-1968
1939 Gregory Pincus Biology 1938-1944
1934 Hudson Hoagland Biology 1931-1943
1933 George Hubbard Blakeslee History & International Relations 1904-1943
1933 Walter Samuel Hunter Psychology 1925-1936
1916 John Wallace Baird Psychology 1910-1919
1915 Charles August Kraus Chemistry 1914-1924
1914 John Charles Hubbard Physics 1906-1916
1914 James Edmund Ives Physics 1897-1921
1914 Ralph Stayner Lillie Biology 1913-1920
1914 Martin Andre Rosanoff Chemistry 1907-1914
1894 G. Stanley Hall Psychology 1888-1924
1891 Henry Taber Mathematics 1889-1936
1876 William Edward Story Mathematics 1889-1930
1895 Arthur Gordon Webster Physics 1890-1907
1956 Heinz Werner Psychology 1947-1964
1890Charles Otis WhitmanBiology 1889-1892