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2009 APA Presidential Address by Eduardo Diaz, Ph.D.

Click here to download Dr. Diaz's Presidential Address entitled Peace Psychology 2009

2006 APA Address by Spoma Jovanovic, Ph.D.

Dr. Jovanovic spoke at the 2006 APA Annual Convention and discussed her work with the Greensboro Truth and Community Reconciliation Project. Click here to read Dr. Jovanovic's talk, The Greensboro Truth And Community Reconciliation Project: Communication For Community Change Or Communication For Reconciliation: Grassroots Work For Community Change.

Presidential Address by Dr. Eileen Borris, 2005 APA Convention

Eileen Borris' Presidential Address, Political Forgiveness and International Affairs was given at the 113th Convention of the American Psychological Association: Peace Division (48) in Washington, D.C. Click to read Dr. Eileen Borris' Presidential address Political Forgiveness and International Affairs.

First Annual Morton Deutsch Conflict Resolution Award Address by Johan Galtung, 2002 Convention

Johan Galtung's Acceptance Speech for the Morton Deutsch Conflict Resolution Award was given at the 110th Convention of the American Psychological Association: Peace Division (48) in Chicago on the 25th of August 2002. Click to read his address Exiting from the Terrorism-State Terrorism Vicious Cycle: Some Psychological Conditions.

Archived Notables