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Introduction to Fungal Biology
Morphological Diversity and Life Cycles
Fungal Ecology
Systematics and Fungal Phylogeny
Fungal Molecular Ecology
Adapted Peer Reviewed Literature
Lesson Plans


Research Institutes

  • The Broad Institute Fungal Genome Initiative- "The Fungal Genome Initiative (FGI) produces and analyzes sequence data from fungal organisms that are important to medicine, agriculture and industry. Over 25 fungi have been sequenced or are being sequenced, including human and plant pathogens as well as fungi that serve as basic models for molecular and cellular biology."
  • The Joint Genome Institute- "From this site you can get details about our current and upcoming projects, or go directly to the individual genome sites."
  • The Institute for Genomic Research- "The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) is a not-for-profit center dedicated to deciphering and analyzing genomes – the complex molecular chains that constitute each organism’s unique genetic heritage."


Mycological Societies

Microbial Observatories

Fungi teaching resources

  • Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide- "An instruction manual in two volumes based on a new concept in mushroom cultivation, by R.R. Wayne, Ph.D." This method successfully produces mushrooms without expensive lab equipment.
  • Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation- A how-to of traditional mushroom cultivation methods that can be employed by anyone.
  • Fungi Perfecti- The most established source of professional and amateur mushroom cultivation equipment and supplies. If you want to watch mushrooms grow without going through fungus culture, you can purchase guaranteed kits here. You can also purchase mushroom "spawn" which can easily be divided up to allow each student to grow their own mushrooms on coffee grounds, cardboard, etc. Note that there are other commercial sources for these products.

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