the hibbett lab

at Clark University


David regularly teaches the following courses. Interested students are encouraged to download the syllabi and contact David. For information about other courses at Clark University, see the online course catalog. For general information about the Biology undergraduate program, see the Biology Department web page.

Biol 100, First-Year Research Seminar. Research-based alternative to first-semester Introductory Biology (BIOL 101), limited to twelve students | syllabus | website

Biol 102, Introductory Biology. Second semester of a two-semester sequence, integrating biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, and evolution. With Prof. Deborah L. Robertson | syllabus

Biol 110, Botanical Diversity. Phylogenetic survey of all the organisms traditionally studied by “botanists” (i.e., most of the Tree of Life) | syllabus | website

Biol 256, Biology of Symbiosis. Seminar/discussion based on primary research literature on ecology and evolution of symbioses | syllabus

Biol 343, Graduate Seminar in Evolution. Readings on various topics related to phylogenetics.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates are welcome to perform research in our lab through several mechanisms. Students can sign up for Directed Study (Biol. 399), which provides course credit for an independent research project. From time to time, we also have paid Research Assistantships, most of which are funded through the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Finally, we sometimes bring students into our lab for informal (non-paid, non-credit) research experiences.

Students who have worked with us include both Biology majors, who have performed studies in molecular ecology and evolution, and Computer Science majors, who have pursued projects in bioinformatics. We will post more information about undergraduate research projects here shortly. In the meantime, please visit our People pages, which include information about the undergraduates who have performed research in our lab.