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People Connected to the Hibbett Lab

Dimitris Floudas

Biography: Dimitris Floudas graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2006. He worked as a research assistant in the department of Genetics and Biotechnology studying the biodegradation of oil mill waste water by the use of ligninolytic enzymes of basidiomycetes and in the department of Ecology and Taxonomy where his study was focused on the biodiversity of basidiomycetes in four different ecosystems in Greece. He joined the lab in 2008.

Research Interests:

Dimitri’s interests include taxonomy and biodiversity of Basidiomycetes. He is particularly interested on wood rotting fungi, their succession on wood degradation and the ligninocellulolytic mechanisms that these species use to degrade lignin and cellulose. Furthermore he is interested in the conservation and maintenance of fungal species in ecosystems.